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14 Year Old Girl, Denied Epinephrine, Dies from Peanut Ingestion

In yet another horrific tragedy that could have been avoided, 14 year old Emma Sloan died on the streets of Dublin Wednesday after ingesting...

Michigan Enacts School Epinephrine Laws

MI governor signs bills mandating epinephrine be stocked in all public schools and that staff be trained in administration of the drug.

Unnecessary Tragedy: Music Teacher Dies from Nut Ingestion

Lessons to be learned from the death of Andrew Turner.

Update to Safe Snack Guide: December 10, 2013 – Holiday Edition!

The Holiday edition of the Safe Snack Guide complete with a section of holiday-themed goodies free of peanuts, tree nuts and eggs for the classroom and your home!

Be Inclusive This Holiday Season!

Share this message with your child's teachers and school administrators!

Update to Safe Snack Guide: December 4, 2013

Please note that we have removed a product line from the Safe Snack Guide.

What We Learned from the Adrian Peterson Story

The important take-aways from the story of Adrian Peterson's 2011 bout of anaphylaxis.

Slate Opinion Piece: 'The Patron Saint of Peanut Allergies'

An open letter to Malia Obama asks her to encourage her father to do more regarding food allergies.

Update to Safe Snack Guide: November 19, 2013

Please note that we have made changes to the contents of the Safe Snack Guide listing products free of peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs to help keep these allergens out of the classroom and your home.

NY Times Blog Post: What Should Airlines Do About Children With...

An article by Abby Ellin makes the case for better accommodation of people with food allergies by the airlines.