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Emerging Therapies

IgGenix CTO Dr Derek Croote and CEO Dr Jessica Grossman

First Human Trials of IgGenix Peanut Allergy Treatment to Begin in September

Platform will target other food allergies as well.
Auvi-Q Administration

Know Your Epinephrine Auto-Injector Options and How to Use Your Device

Find usage videos and website links for all options here.
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Koplin Podcast

Podcast: Great 15-Minute Primer on Food Allergy You Need to Hear

Well worth 17 minutes of your time whether you have food allergies or care for someone who does.

Labeling Insights

The Board

When a Manufacturer Says ‘Trust Us’ Regarding Allergens

They're not REQUIRED to disclose the possibility of cross-contact with allergens. Should you trust them to?


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