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Chick-fil-A Recall

Advisory: Chick-fil-A Recalls Popular Dipping Sauce

Recall notice appeared on their website.

A Safer Treatment Path for High-Risk Children to Overcome Food Allergies

For older children and others who can’t risk consuming allergens orally to build up their resistance.
Orexo OX640

Orexo’s Nasal Epinephrine Powder Results Presented at AAAAI Meeting

OX640 has the potential to provide allergic patients with a needle-free, convenient, and rapidly acting allergy rescue product that also has long shelf-life and allows for flexible storage, both in hot and cold temperatures.
Jess and Jimmy from "Love is Blind"

You Be The Judge: What Makes Anaphylaxis So Funny?

Are we being too thin-skinned?
Jeffrey Piccolo and Dr Kanokporn Tangsuan

Woman Died From Anaphylaxis After She Was Assured She Could be...

A lawsuit alleges multiple counts of negligence and seeks more than $50,000 in damages.

Intrommune’s Toothpaste Therapy for Peanut Allergy Showed Statistically Significant Immunologic Response

Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy is a new approach demonstrating a robust immunologic response in treated subjects.
Xolair: 6 Facts to Know

Six Facts to Know About Xolair for Food Allergies

This week, the FDA approved Xolair for the treatment of food allergies. Here's a slideshow featuring six important facts to know about this new...
Orexo OX640

Study Shows Nasal Powder Epinephrine Provides Superior Stability to EpiPens

Nasal delivery of powder epinephrine shown to be effective and stable.

ARS Completes Repeat Dosing Study of Nasal Epinephrine Required by FDA...

ARS Pharma believes these results should support filing their response to the FDA and subsequent agency approval.
Memory B Cells

Researchers Find Another Way the Body “Remembers” to Be Allergic

The discovery provides yet another piece of the allergy puzzle.

FDA Approves Xolair for Children and Adults With One or More...

A significantly higher proportion of food allergy patients as young as 1 year treated with Xolair could tolerate small amounts of peanut, milk, egg and cashew without an allergic reaction, compared to placebo.
Prince George School District 57

Teacher Suspended for Giving Hazelnut Chocolate to Student with Tree Nut...

Reprimand took commissioner three years to issue.
Lucia and John Zaremba

After Watching Epinephrine Save Brother’s Life, Teen Proposes Bill to Increase...

"When Lucia told me her family's story, I knew I had to take action."
James Tsindos

Death of Teen from Anaphylaxis Prompts Investigation into Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps have too many unknowns to safely accommodate individuals with food allergies.
Toddler That Suffered Anaphylaxis

Lawsuit: Daycare’s Negligence Caused Anaphylaxis That Threatened Toddler’s Life

"In a literal life-or-death situation involving my daughter's life, Allen Knowledge Beginnings failed to act quickly."

Baked Milk Oral Immunotherapy Found to be Effective Treatment for Cow’s...

Research shows participants experienced significant desensitization to milk products after 12 and 24 months of treatment.
Poblete - Uber Eats

FARE CEO Facilitates Change to Insensitive Uber Eats Commercial

Thanks to Dr Sung Poblete for her efforts.
Allyssa Phelps and Josh Koenig, Members of Research Team

Newly Discovered Immune Cell Called “A Game Changer” for Food Allergies

Researchers discovered MBC2, a new type of cell that remembers allergies.
Baby Given Antibiotics

Use of Acid Suppressors and Antimicrobials in Infancy Associated with Food...

New research shows infants exposed to acid-suppressive medication had nearly a 6-fold increased risk of food allergy.
Big Mac

Man Sues McDonald’s After Suffering Anaphylaxis from Big Mac

"No one should have to fear for their health when they’re just trying to eat a meal."

100% of Pediatric Patients with OFC Induced Anaphylaxis Responded to Single...

Clinical data was in keeping with historical data for injection products.
Perth Daycare First Aid Kit

Daycare Under Investigation After 4-Year-Old Stabs Himself With His Auto-Injector

Boy received no attention from staff despite his screams.
The Board

When a Manufacturer Says ‘Trust Us’ Regarding Allergens

They're not REQUIRED to disclose the possibility of cross-contact with allergens. Should you trust them to?
Órla Baxendale

The Tragedy Behind the Tragedy of Órla Baxendale’s Death

The loophole MUST be addressed to avoid similar tragedies.

FDA Grants Xolair Priority Review for Children and Adults with...

If approved, Xolair would be the first medicine to reduce allergic reactions to multiple foods following an accidental exposure.
CBS Austin Report on Lake Travis Peanut Hazing Incident

Mom Speaks Out About HS Football Teammates Intentionally Exposing Son to...

"They might as well have loaded a gun and put it to his head."
Bryn Pharma Intranasal Epinephrine Device

Study Shows Bryn’s Epinephrine Nasal Spray Absorbed as Fast and Lasted...

Spray was afe and generally well-tolerated with no new safety signals observed.
PowerSoul Cafe

World’s First Gluten-Free Fast Food Chain to Open in January

Menu will include over 30 varieties of smoothies, personal pizzas, and vegan options.
Sens Schumer and Warren

Top Senate Democrats Demand FAA Require Airlines Carry Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

The current requirement "puts airline passengers at risk."

American Academy of Pediatrics Describes Benefits, Risks and Unknowns About GMO-Based...

Encourage more research into the potential health hazards of chemical herbicide residues in GMO-based foods.
Georgina Mansergh

What We Learned from the Georgina Mansergh Inquest

Report on a death due to anaphylaxis with strategies to avoid a similar tragedy.

Advisory: Discard Sesame-Free and Gluten-Free Editions of Safe Snack Guide Dated...

Only Sesame-Free and Gluten-Free Editions Dated December 6 are affected.
Holiday Edition!

The Holiday Editions of the Safe Snack Guide are Here and...

With Christmas and Chanukkah-themed goodies!
Mahomes Family

Brittany Mahomes on Rushing Her Son to the ER with Anaphylaxis...

Both Mahomes children have severe food allergies.
Food Allergy Institute

Long Beach Institute Uses AI to Help Children Achieve Freedom from...

Artificial intelligence helps patients build tolerance at their own pace.

Auto-Injectors Going Eco-Friendly?

A UK firm promises a cheaper, sustainable, carbon net-zero auto-injector.
Manischewitz Recall

Manischewitz Issues Recall of Limited Units of Chocolate Coins, a Staple...

It is imperative that those concerned with milk allergy heed this recall.
Proximity Challenge

Relieving Anxiety in Children and Parents: The Proximity Food Challenge

Discuss with the allergist to determine whether such a challenge makes sense for your anxious child.

Food Allergy Non-Profits Deserving of Your Support on GivingTuesday

On this GivingTuesday, support the non-profits that support you!
Speeding Ambulance

Anaphylaxis Guidelines Regarding What to Do After Administering Epinephrine Expected to...

Paradigm shift based on data and cost-effectiveness analyses.

FDA Fast Tracks Alladapt’s ADP101 for the Treatment of Single and...

Fast Track Designation accelerates ADP101's development path for the treatment of food allergies.
Frito-Lay Recall

Frito-Lay Recall Exposes Weakness in US Allergen Labeling Regulations

How did this happen and what does it mean for the consumer concerned with food allergies?

Palforzia Shows Positive Results in Peanut-Allergic Children Ages 1-3 in Phase...

73.5% of patients treated with PALFORZIA tolerated a 600 mg single dose of peanut protein at 12 months.
Bryn Pharma Intranasal Epinephrine Device

Positive Results Reported for Bryn Pharma’s Epinephrine Nasal Spray in Adults...

If approved, NDS1C may offer patients at risk of anaphylaxis a practical alternative to needle-based administration routes.
Parents at LTISD School Board Meeting

Outraged Parents Call for Expulsion of Lake Travis Students After Peanut...

"Since this incident, my son has faced backlash and retaliation almost daily..."
Lake Travis HS Practice Field

Allergic High School Athlete Intentionally Exposed to Peanuts by Teammates

Perpetrators reportedly knew of their teammate's peanut allergy and recorded the incident.

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