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TikTok Excerpt

TikToker Shows What NOT to Do When Suffering a Severe Allergic...

A cautionary tale of tragedy averted despite not following protocols.
Epinephrine Nasal Spray

Take Action: The FDA MUST Approve Nasal Epinephrine

We need your participation to convince the FDA to act.
Shalom Klein

Woman Saved by EMTs Needed Three Epinephrine Auto-Injections

Three hero volunteers worked together to save woman from anaphylaxis.

ARS Responds to FDA’s Request for Additional Study Before Approving neffy...

FDA Issues Complete Response Letter for neffy® New Drug Application with Request for Additional Study.
Harris Wolobah

‘One Chip Challenge’ Blamed for 14-Year-Old’s Death

Trends like these can be especially dangerous for individuals with food allergies.
Couple Arguing with King Pao Background

You be the Judge: Who was at Fault for Child’s Anaphylaxis...

Who is to blame for a child's allergic reaction and a wedding to be called off?

Epinephrine and Inhaler Toolkits Improve Safety of Students with Anaphylaxis and...

New stock inhaler and stock epinephrine toolkits from the AAAAI provide critical emergency care for students with allergies and asthma.
Mahomes Family

NFL Star Patrick Mahomes’ Baby Rushed to ER Due to Allergic...

“The scariest 30 min of my life.”

Presence of Enzyme May Predict More Serious Food Allergy Reactions and...

Findings may lead to more precise prediction of reaction severity.