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Couple Arguing with King Pao Background

You be the Judge: Who was at Fault for Child’s Anaphylaxis...

Who is to blame for a child's allergic reaction and a wedding to be called off?
Mahomes Family

NFL Star Patrick Mahomes’ Baby Rushed to ER Due to Allergic...

“The scariest 30 min of my life.”
Calquence (Acalabrutinib)

New Cancer Drug Shows Promise for Treating Food Allergies

"Could dramatically change the way we treat food and drug allergies."
Coroner's Court

What We Learned from the Giulia De Simone Inquest: “When She...

She had a known allergy to peanuts and was coping with asthma and celiac disease as well.
Leah Williams

Woman Bought Every Bag of Peanuts on Her Flight When Crew...

Airline left her with no other choice.
Mom and Daughter Brushing Teeth

Intrommune’s Peanut Allergy Toothpaste Therapy Reaches Phase 1 Clinical Trial Milestone

The process known as Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy does not involve ingesting the allergen.
Girl with Inhaler

Food Allergy in Infancy Linked to Childhood Asthma and Reduced Lung...

Early life food allergy associated with increased risk of asthma and reduced lung growth at six years of age.
Moonlight Therapeutics Microneedle Patch

Microneedle Patch to Treat Peanut Allergy Receives Clinical Trial Grant

The dermal stamp is designed for at home self-administration and is applied for only a few minutes and then removed.