US News Article: Planning an Allergy-Friendly Birthday Party


A current article in US News and World Report’s Eat+Run health and wellness section provides a valuable primer on how to plan a party when children with food allergies or dietary restrictions will be in attendance.

In “Planning an Allergy-Friendly Birthday Party”, author Tamara Duker Freuman describes her own experience planning a birthday party for her son and the strategies she developed to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all the children involved, including one with tree nut allergy and another following a vegan diet. She references and the Safe Snack Guide as go-to resources for finding appropriate treats for such occasions.

Freuman,  a registered dietitian whose NYC-based clinical practice specializes in digestive disorders, celiac Disease, and food intolerances, provides a roadmap for how to approach celebrations like a child’s birthday party. We recommend you share it with family, friends and other parents at your child’s school.

Click here to see the article at US News and World Report.

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