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Expired Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Bill May Extend Listed Shelf Life of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Bipartisan bill that would direct the FDA to extend the shelf life of prescription drugs in scarce supply.
James Iannuzzo

You be the Judge: Son Suffers Anaphylaxis from Smoothie, Father Rampages,...

Were the father's actions excusable if not justified?
Joanne Mahon

You be the Judge: Woman Must Choose Between Allergic Daughter’s Education...

If she drives her daughter to school she puts her husband's life in jeopardy.
Hanna Scigala and Children

Mother Suffers Fatal Anaphylactic Reaction at Home Leaving Three Children

Mother of three suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction in her home on January 4.
Angel and George Mueller

Legislators Consider Allowing the Dispensing of Epinephrine Without a Prescription

The push for expanded access to life-saving epinephrine continues.
Doctor Preparing Injection

Practice Update Regarding the Treatment of Anaphylaxis and Indicators for Risk...

Report provides recommendations for determining whether patient is at high risk for developing biphasic reaction.
Naughty List "Take 2" Flyer

Download Our Santa Naughty List “Take 2” Reminder

We've added a special "Naughty List" flyer to the collection to help remind you to stay safe for the holidays.
Kraft Protection for Peanuts

Kraft Launches Campaign to Help Canadians Pay for Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

The company believes all Canadians should have equal access to life-saving epinephrine.
Crowd at Heathrow

Man Returning from Business Trip Suffers Anaphylaxis While Under Quarantine in...

Feared kitchen staff would endanger his life for a third time.
Alexcia Yannone and Nickolas O'Rourke

Kids Receive Awards for Saving Mom’s Life from Anaphylaxis

Two children have been lauded for their calm, decisive action in the face of a dire emergency.