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Everything a teacher, school nurse, principal or PTA group needs to implement a successful nut-free classroom policy

Many schools are implementing allergen exclusion policies to accommodate their children with food allergies and help protect them from anaphylaxis. Here is a summary of resources for teachers, school nurses, principals and PTA associations to help ease the way:

  • Safe Snack Guide – Our extensive list of commonly available snacks all free of peanuts and tree nuts, many free of the Top 8 allergens. Well researched directly with manufacturers and frequently updated, the Guide provides parents many snack options that comply with allergen exclusion policies. We also have a customizable Safe Snack Guide where you can specify and combination of 11 allergens to exclude, and we even provide a landing page and badge for your school or classroom.
  • Website BadgeClick here for the Safe Snack Guide by – A badge providing a convenient link to the Safe Snack Guide for display on your school or class website.
  • Emergency Action Plan Template from FARE – A must-have on file for every student with food allergies, this template is completed and signed by the parent and the child’s physician.  It gives precise instructions regarding what to do if a child has accidentally ingested a known allergen or is showing signs of an allergic reaction. The template also provides a list of symptoms as well as operating instructions for all popular brands of epinephrine auto-injectors;
  • Nut-free Classroom GraphicNut-Free Flyers for Your School and Classroom – These graphics, to be printed and posted at the entry to the school or specific classrooms, warn of a nut-free environment in clear, unambiguous language;
  • Open Letter to Parents – Our non-confrontational letter to parents notifying them of a nut-free classroom policy. Written from the point of view of a parent of a child with food allergies. it explains why the policy is necessary and provides an effective strategy for transitioning a child from peanut butter to a safer alternative. Used by many schools across the country, you are welcome to tailor this letter to your circumstances;
  • School MapSchool Map – An interactive map of hundreds of schools nationwide that rely on the Safe Snack Guide to help enforce a classroom allergen exclusion policy. Add your school to our map; it’s a great way to tell your community that your school cares about protecting your students from anaphylaxis and will help parents of children with food allergies identify your school as accommodating;
  • Click here for printable flyers from out Take 2 campaignTake 2 Campaign – A set of flyers reminding children with food allergies, their parents, and caregivers to have two epinephrine auto-injectors on-hand, everywhere, every time.
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