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Safe Snack Guide

Safe Snack Guide Halloween 2017 Edition

Over 1000 peanut and tree nut free products, many free of the Top 8 allergens! With an entire section of allergy-friendly Halloween treats!


Coupons and Offers

Coupons and offers for your favorite allergy-friendly foods? We got 'em! Visit our coupons page at
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Emerging Therapies

Aimmune, Regeneron and Sanofi Collaborate on Combination Peanut Therapy

More exciting news as pharma companies work to extend the effectiveness of their therapies in combination.

Eczema Drug Makes Significant Progress as EoE Treatment

Phase II study shows promise of dupilumab as a treatment for symptoms of eosinophilic esophagitis.

Partner Manufacturers

Partner Manufacturers Partner Manufacturers

Welcome to ourgrowing list of partner manufacturers, each of which provides up-to-date, detailed processing information regarding the 11 allergens we track.

Tools for Schools

Tools for Schools

Everything a teacher, school nurse, principal or PTA organization needs to implement a successful classroom allergen-exclusion policy.
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Parenting Strategies

Must Read: Allergic Living Interview with Dr Scott Sicherer

Read this interview by Editor Gwen Smith of one of the foremost authorities on the subject of food allergy.

Before Brands Launches SpoonfulOne: Top 8 Allergen Mix-In for Kids

Here they come, nutriceuticals based on the results of the LEAP Study intended to introduce your child to allergens early.


We Partner with 75+ Companies to Bring You Full Disclosure

Announcing the launch of Allergence, a free service designed specifically for families coping with food allergies and celiac disease.

Take 2 Campaign

Did You Remind Your Teen to Take 2?

Let's end the constant stream of headlines that bring us news of yet another preventable tragedy!
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