Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.
Shalom Klein

Woman Saved by EMTs Needed Three Epinephrine Auto-Injections

Three hero volunteers worked together to save woman from anaphylaxis.
Dave Bloom RE neffy denial by the FDA

Why the FDA Changed Course at the Last Minute to Deny Approval of Neffy

Did the FDA kowtow to corporate greed?

ARS Responds to FDA’s Request for Additional Study Before Approving neffy Intranasal Epinephrine

FDA Issues Complete Response Letter for neffy® New Drug Application with Request for Additional Study.

FDA Denies Approval of Needle-Free Alternative to Epinephrine Auto-injectors

The rejection was unexpected based on feedback from the FDA's expert panel in June.
Oreo Packaging

Update on the Manufacture of Oreos with Respect to Peanuts and Tree Nuts

We reached out to our contact at Mondelēz to confirm whether our understanding of their manufacture is still valid.
Woman Reading on Phone

Food Allergy Articles in the Media Worth the Read

Why food allergies are on the rise, how campus dining halls are coping, and those home allergy testing kits.