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Allergen Warning Statements

Four Changes the FDA Must Adopt to Make Ingredient Labeling Safer for the Allergic...

Suggestions that would make shopping easier, safer, and far less confusing for the allergic community.
Jaden's mother after court proceedings

Teacher Receives Suspended Sentence for Manslaughter in Anaphylactic Death of 6-Year-Old Student

Teacher claimed she was insufficiently informed about child's allergy despite documentatio
Brain and Gut

FARE to Grant $15M to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to Decipher...

Grant Will Fund Research Projects Aimed at Uncovering Key Insight into Life-Threatening Disease Affecting One in 10 Americans

No Holiday Peeps for Our Peeps Due to Pandemic

The holiday marshmallow treat we've all grown up with will not be making its annual appearance on store shelves.
Clodagh Victory

Pharmacist’s Quick Action Saves Woman in Throes of Anaphylactic Reaction

It was just another day filling prescriptions until....
Ruben Bousquet

Coroner Unable to Determine Source of Cross-Contact in 14-Year-Old Boy’s Death from Anaphylaxis

Boy's mother was disappointed the inquest concluded without determining responsibility for son's death.
US Faster Act

The FASTER Act: What It Does and Why YOU Need to Help Pass It

FARE can't do it alone: Do your part to help pass the FASTER Act.

Why Allergy Tests May be Underdiagnosing Fish Allergy

According to the study, an important allergenic component is missing in allergy tests for fish.
Jo Frost Clip

Supernanny Fights Back Tears as She Discusses Her Food Allergies: ‘I Do Not See...

Frost counsels a couple struggling with raising their two children diagnosed with food allergies.
Upset Teen

Study Shows Negative Impact of Avoidance and Fear of Accidental Reactions on Allergic Kids...

The psychosocial impact of food allergies on children and teens is severe.