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Calquence (Acalabrutinib)

New Cancer Drug Shows Promise for Treating Food Allergies

"Could dramatically change the way we treat food and drug allergies."
Coroner's Court

What We Learned from the Giulia De Simone Inquest: “When She Needed It Most,...

She had a known allergy to peanuts and was coping with asthma and celiac disease as well.
Riley Keough and Andrew Garfield

Set Shut Down After Riley Keough Ate Granola Bar Due to Andrew Garfield’s Peanut...

"A kiss is just a kiss", until allergens are involved.

Older Individuals Suffer More Severe Anaphylaxis with Medications a Frequent Trigger

The trigger for anaphylaxis was found to change significantly with age.
School Lunch Tray

‘ADD SOY Act’ Introduced in House to Ensure Milk Alternatives Available to Schoolkids at...

Bill requires schools to provide fluid milk substitutes upon request of a student or parent/guardian.

Prepare Your Kids with Food Allergies for Videos Like This (and their Idiot Creators)

These buffoons are out there on social media, so better to arm your kids in advance.
Lone Star Tick

CDC: A Half-Million Americans May Have Alpha-Gal, the Meat Allergy Linked to Ticks

78% of healthcare providers had little or no knowledge of the syndrome.
Mom and Daughter Brushing Teeth

Intrommune’s Peanut Allergy Toothpaste Therapy Reaches Phase 1 Clinical Trial Milestone

The process known as Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy does not involve ingesting the allergen.