Dave Bloom

CEO & Co-Founder of SnackSafely.com and proud food allergy dad. Advocating for food allergy awareness and causes since the founding of SnackSafely.com in 2011. Dedicated to solving issues critical to the food allergy community by leveraging over 25 years of technical expertise gained serving various senior roles in the Financial Services industry. Authority on issues regarding the manufacture of allergy-friendly food products and founder of the SnackSafely.com Manufacturer Partnership, a consortium of food manufacturers now numbering 100+ companies that have agreed to provide detailed disclosure of their manufacturing processes beyond what the FDA requires.
Sunny Skies Child Care

Daycare Settles Food Allergy Discrimination Suit

Sunny Skies Child Care previously expelled a child after learning she had a peanut allergy prompting the complaint.
Emmett McCann

Pharmacist Saves Woman Suffering Anaphylaxis

An epinephrine auto-injector "could save your life someday and this incident proves how important they are."
Owen Carey and His Father, Paul Carey

Inquest Into Death of Owen Carey Focuses on Alleged Undeclared Buttermilk by Byron Burger...

The inquest is currently underway to determine how Owen was exposed to the allergen that ultimately took his life.
Online Petition

Two Petitions in Support of State Food Allergy Legislation to Benefit Children

Support legislation introduced by states to help safeguard children coping with food allergies when they are in school and elsewhere.
Sample Custom Safe Snack Guide

500th Custom Safe Snack Guide Created by Teachers, School Nurses, PTAs, Parents in 3...

The ability to create custom Safe Snack Guides that list foods free of any combination of 11 allergens is proving popular with schools, scout troops, youth sports leagues and parents.
AAFA Honor Roll

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Announces 2019 State Honor Roll Report for K-12...

Ranks the states with the best public policies for people with asthma, food allergies, anaphylaxis and related allergic diseases in K-12 schools.

Advisory: Sixlets Candies in Halloween Packaging

The "Classroom Safe" callout may lead consumers to assume the product is safe from the "Top 8" allergens when the product contains milk and soy.
SnackSafely.com Newsletter Archive

SnackSafely.com Newsletter: 2019/08/30

Chiropractor Who Misled Food Allergy Patients Sentenced to Year in Jail, $887K Restitution for Fraud (+5 Articles)
Dr Benjamin Darrow

Chiropractor Who Misled Food Allergy Patients Sentenced to Year in Jail, $887K Restitution for...

Darrow is believed to have administered unproven allergy tests to more than 250 patients.
School Buses

Your Child is Protected by Epinephrine at Home and School. What About In-Between?

Many school districts have yet to address this issue. Do you know if your district does?

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