Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.
Bryn Pharma Intranasal Epinephrine Device

Intra-Nasal Epinephrine Takes Step Forward After Three Positive Pre-Clinical Studies

Intranasal delivery of epinephrine would eliminate the needle and by doing so remove a potential psychological barrier to prompt administration in an emergency.

The FDA is Serving Corporate Interests, Not Those of the Food Allergy Community

Shame on the Commissioner of the FDA for selling out the very people that depend most on the label to keep themselves and their families safe.

Video: How the FDA’s New Guidance Will Affect the Food Allergy Community

What the guidance does, how it affects the food allergy community, and how we can help you during this time of uncertainty.
Colin Jost for EAT

SNL’s Colin Jost Supports End Allergies Together (EAT) with Video in Lieu of Live...

The Gala was cancelled but Colin urges you to donate!

The FDA’s Recent Guidance Has Made Ingredient Labeling Less Reliable. Here’s How SnackSafely.com Can...

Our agreements with 130 food manufacturers ensures you have the latest information.

The FDA Has Relaxed Labeling Requirements Under COVID-19. What it Means for the Food...

The FDA's rash action introduces new concerns for the food allergy community.
New Products Update!

Announcing the Addition of Many New Allergy-Friendly Products!

Tons of new products added to the Safe Snack Guide and Allergence from six new members of our Manufacturer Partnership!
Court of Appeals

Court Denies Parents’ Request for Appeal in Food Allergy Death of 17-Year-Old

Tragedy highlights the importance of early administration of epinephrine when anaphylaxis is suspected.

Don’t Miss the Food Allergy Fund Summit Online May 26-29

Featuring a week of a week of learning, raising awareness, and funding research.
Samara and Chad

First Date Results in Anaphylaxis and Trip to ER, Couple Becomes Internet Sensation

Girl meets boy on Tinder. Boy invites girl over. Girl kisses Boy. Girl ends up in emergency room.