Dave Bloom

CEO & Co-Founder of SnackSafely.com and proud food allergy dad. Advocating for food allergy awareness and causes since the founding of SnackSafely.com in 2011. Dedicated to solving issues critical to the food allergy community by leveraging over 25 years of technical expertise gained serving various senior roles in the Financial Services industry. Authority on issues regarding the manufacture of allergy-friendly food products and founder of the SnackSafely.com Manufacturer Partnership, a consortium of food manufacturers now numbering 100+ companies that have agreed to provide detailed disclosure of their manufacturing processes beyond what the FDA requires.

Judge Dismisses Suit by Prisoner Repeatedly Served Peanut Butter and Fish Despite Allergies

His lawyer said Vartinelli has suffered permanent health effects including breathing problems, chest pain, and heart and nerve damage.
Be inclusive this Easter!

Announcing the Easter 2019 Edition of the Safe Snack Guide!

This edition has an entire section devoted to allergy-friendly Easter-themed treats!
Rochester Grammar School

Two Girls Suspended for Spreading Crushed Nuts in Classroom Where Teacher Has Severe Allergy

"We took the decision to temporarily exclude two students for their part in an extremely dangerous incident that could have had fatal consequences."

Editorial: The Coming Healthcare Apocalypse for the Food Allergy Community

Many will have to rely on avoidance, stock epinephrine and prayer.
Korean Air + Delta

Boys Thrown Off Flight Rather Than Accommodating Severe Peanut Allergy as Agreed

The boys were stranded in Seoul and forced to return to Atlanta.
Symjepi Directions for Use

Symjepi Video with Directions for Use

See how this new option for delivery of emergency epinephrine works.

Woman Suffers Severe Reaction from Pancake. Food Allergy? No, Oral Mite Anaphylaxis!

In rare cases, anaphylaxis caused by consuming a food may not be due to food allergy.
Stephanie Page

Watch: As the EpiPen Shortage Drags On, Chicago Mom Spells Out the Dangers for...

"This Is Literally The Difference Between Life And Death For My Kid."
Bethenny Skin Prick Testing

Bethenny Frankel Educates the Public by Sharing Photos of Her Allergy Testing

Bethenny has a huge fanbase she is able to educate on matters of food allergy.

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