Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.
Man Holding Peanuts

Missouri Man Charged with First Degree Assault for Using Peanuts with Intent to Harm

Man was already being held for burglary and property damage.
Pret A Manger Southgate Centre

Pret A Manger on Trial for ANOTHER Anaphylactic Episode Resulting from Unlabeled Sesame

Company is no stranger to allergen labeling controversies.
Osher Deri

The Aftermath of the Osher Deri Anaphylaxis Tragedy

Additional information regarding the incident and efforts underway to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
Models of Interleukin 4 and 13

Antibody May Provide New Treatment for Food Allergies

“This research suggests a potentially transformative treatment for peanut allergy in particular and food allergies in general.”
Clinical Trial

Broad Spectrum OIT Candidate for Multiple Food Allergies Begins Phase 1/2 Clinical Trials

The Harmony Study plans to enroll patients across 20 sites in the United States.
Blood Test

Recent Trial of Basophil Activation Test Near 100% Accurate at Diagnosing Nut and Seed...

Will BAT eventually replace Oral Food Challenges?
FARE Adds Two Key Executives

FARE Adds Two Executives to Key Positions

Michael Frazier and Bob Earl join the food allergy advocacy.
Peanuts and Milk

Fatality Rates Due to Anaphylaxis Fall, Milk Overtakes Peanuts as Most Likely Cause in...

Milk is increasingly identified as the trigger for fatal food reactions according to UK study.

Join Us: Speak Your Mind to the 11 Legislators Who Voted Against the FASTER...

Sound off and let your legislators know they will be held accountable for ignoring the health and safety of the food allergy community.
Safe Snack Guide Update

Download the Latest Safe Snack Guide with New Products from New Partners

Latest update with tons of new products including many from five new members to our partnership!