Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.
David Poretti

Good Samaritans Saved “Lucky” Runner Who was Unprepared for Sudden Anaphylaxis

"There's no chance I would have been able to make it" without their help.
Intentional Allergen Warning

Company will Add Trace Amount of Allergen to All Products to Skirt Safety Regulation

Think major manufacturers all have their consumers’ interests at heart? Think again.
Safe Snack Guide and Allergence Update!

New Partners and Tons of New Products in This Update of Allergence and the...

Over 3,000 allergy-friendly products from 160+ reliable partner manufacturers!
Lauren Evens

Woman Suffers Anaphylaxis from Lip Filler She Had Used for Years

"Apparently at any age and any point you can develop an allergy to something."
Needless Epinephrine Alternatives

They’re Coming: Needle-Free Emergency Epinephrine Options Currently in Trials

For some, the needle is a barrier to administration but alternatives are on the horizon.

Study Finds Drugs Including Anti-Microbials and NSAIDs Leading Causes of Anaphylaxis

The findings may be counter-intuitive to some, especially during this time of increasing rates of food allergy.
Brodie Chapman

Man Served Nuts by Airline Three Times in One Week Despite Warning of Life-Threatening...

"I was in tears because no one seemed to be taking my condition seriously."
TikToker Lucy Banks

Woman with Peanut Allergy Suffered “Sexually Transmitted” Reaction

Although extremely rare, such cases have been documented.
Calum Courtney

Allergic to Cold: A Teenage Boy’s Life with Cold Urticaria and No Epinephrine

His condition is so severe, his parents won't let him walk to school for fear of anaphylaxis.
Lotions Containing Goat Milk

Use of Skincare Products with Food Ingredients May Lead to Food Allergies in People...

Individuals with inflammatory skin conditions should avoid skin products made with food ingredients.