Dave Bloom

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Garlic Allergy More Common and Dangerous Than Suspected

"I ended up in the hospital because of this reaction."
Holly Carr and MacDonald's

Woman Hospitalized with Anaphylaxis from McDonald’s Chicken Wrap

A cautionary tale to be extra careful when ordering out.
Skin Prick Testing

FDA Issues Warning After Patients Receiving Negative Skin Prick Results Later Suffered Anaphylaxis

Important information regarding skin prick testing for food allergies.
Anxious Traveler

1-in-3 Air Travelers with Food Allergies Choose Not to Disclose Fact to Airline

98% reported increased anxiety while traveling due to food allergies.
Revolo Biotherapeutics '1104

Peptide Shows Promise as an Allergen-Agnostic Treatment for Food Allergy

Revolog presents new data demonstrating long-lasting effect of '1104 candidate.
Bryn Pharma Intranasal Epinephrine Device

Bryn Shows UTULY™ Intranasal Epinephrine Absorbs Faster and is Sustained Longer Than Auto-Injector

A needleless, self administered nasal spray intended to be used in anaphylactic emergencies in place of traditional auto-injectors.
Club Sandwich

Learning from Others: Anaphylaxis at Whole Foods

Even if you are hyper-vigilant, inadvertent exposure can happen.
Jane Lee and Aide

Family Sues San Diego Hospital After Woman with Special Needs Dies from Peanut Exposure

Jane Lee was non-verbal and could not advocate for herself.