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Owen Carey

Father of Owen Carey Who Died from Anaphylaxis on His 18th...

Six years later, Owen's Law was debated in parliament.
FDA Draft Guidance

FDA Issues New Draft Guidance Regarding Allergen Labeling and Cross-Contact

Spoiler Alert: the draft does nothing to help the food allergy community.
Celina Rose Minsk

Parents Share Details of Teen’s Death to Raise Awareness for Food...

Family wants tragedy to inform others of the dangers of anaphylaxis.

Update Regarding Hershey’s “May Contain” Labeling of Two Easter-Themed Products

Please note this update to our earlier advisory.
Hershey's Easter May Contain

Advisory: Two of Hershey’s Easter Products Do Not Bear Company’s Usual...

Potential almond and peanut cross-contact.
Coffee Machine

Teen Dies from Exposure to Milk from Coffee Made in Contaminated...

This tragedy shows that anaphylaxis can strike anywhere, any time, even to the most vigilant.
Angry Bride

You be the Judge: Is Woman with Peanut Allergy Responsible for...

Was the guest at fault here or is this simply the case of another Bridezilla?
Holly Carr and MacDonald's

Woman Hospitalized with Anaphylaxis from McDonald’s Chicken Wrap

A cautionary tale to be extra careful when ordering out.
FARE + Dollar Signs

Why is FARE Recommending Foods Your Allergist Would Likely Urge You...

The organization has taken a wrong turn by prioritizing revenue ahead of the safety of food allergy sufferers.
Anna Bellisario

In Memory of Anna Bellisario

Supposed vegan meal contained traces of milk and egg.