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Advisory: Do Not Use FARE’s Sifter Shopping App If Allergen Cross-Contact...

We call upon FARE's board to terminate the organization's co-branding and promotion of the Sifter app.
Ruben Bousquet

Mom, Who Lost Son to Anaphylaxis from Movie Popcorn, Spearheads Campaign...

"Judith's Wish" is a campaign calling for stricter allergen labeling in the UK
James Corden

You be the Judge: James Corden Says Balthazar Brouhaha was About...

Was Corden justified in making his comment?
Preparing a Burrito

What We Learned from the Joe Dobson Inquest

Teen died from anaphylaxis after eating a burrito tainted with sesame while on vacation in Mexico.
Bethany Eaton and Celia Marsh

Yogurt Manufacturer Weeps at Inquest into Death of Woman Due to...

Bethany Eaton, Managing Director of Planet Coconut, cried during her testimony as she deflected blame.
@theallergicgirl and Starbucks

Woman with Food Allergies Challenges Starbucks: Do Better

@theallergicgirl takes to TikTok to urge the chain to take better precautions when accommodating people with food allergies.

Has P&G Developed a Plastic Utensil That Changes Color When Exposed...

Award winning video provides intriguing details.
Peanut Butter

This Weekend, Food Allergy Harassment Hit Home

"Everything was smooth sailing until I received the call on Sunday..."
Stock Photo of Sad Boy with Birthday Cake

You be the Judge: Woman Slammed for Son’s Peanut Butter Birthday...

Was the mom of the birthday boy at fault? What about the mom of the allergic nephew?
The Morrison Family

7-Year-Old Boy Suffers Anaphylaxis to a “Safe” Food on the Menu:...

They had been told they could simply scan a QR code and select a meal that was safe.