News Wire ~ 3rd Party Press Release

FARE + Catalyst

FARE Working to Expand Support for Food Allergy Families in Underserved Communities

Teams with Catalyst Missions Group in Newark, NJ to identify local priorities for food allergy awareness and training.
Gut Microbiome

Gut Microbiota and Development of Food Allergy Linked to Birth Method and Ethnicity

"It’s important to know what predicts or increases risk of food sensitivities because they predict which infants will go on to develop asthma and other types of allergies."
FARE at Congress

House Passes FASTER Act for Sesame Labeling, Awaits President’s Signature

Legislation requires that sesame be labeled on packaged foods; prioritizes food allergy research.
Moisterizing Baby

Study Finds Frequent Moisturization of Infants May be Associated with Development of Food Allergy

"In the meantime, we recommend that parents wash their hands before moisturizing their babies as a precautionary measure."
COVID-19 Vials

Gradual Doses Used to Vaccinate People Allergic to Their First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

Graded dosing protocol may help patients with first dose reactions tolerate second dose of vaccine.

How to Use Antihistamines

Advice from the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
COVID Vaccine Being Drawn

Michigan Medicine Helps Lead First National Study on How Highly Allergic People React to...

First volunteer expected to receive an injection April 7 in Ann Arbor with results anticipated this summer.

How Much Peanut Does it Take to Trigger an Allergic Reaction?

UC toxicologist says finding an ‘eliciting dose’ may help some who have food allergies.
SUNBEAM babyfoot

NIH Study of Early Predictors, Mechanisms of Food Allergy and Eczema has Begun

Study to identify prenatal and early childhood markers of high risk for food allergy and atopic dermatitis as well as biological pathways that lead to these conditions.