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Study Finds Biologic Drug Highly Effective in Reducing Pediatric Eczema Symptoms

Infants and young children finally get relief from eczema’s terrible itch
Blood Samples

New Blood Test Accurately Determines the Threshold Dose for Reactions to Peanuts

Allergenis’ bead-based epitope assay is a breakthrough diagnostic for peanut allergy.

Siolta Begins Phase 2 Study in Newborns of Bacteria Consortia to Prevent Atopic...

STMC-103H has a combination of bacteria that are depleted in the gut microbiota of infants who go on to develop allergic sensitization and allergic diseases in childhood.

UnitedHealthcare: $0 Copay for Epinephrine, Albuterol, Insulin, Glucagon, Naloxone Starting Jan 1, 2023

Eligible members will pay $0 out of pocket for insulin and emergency use drugs that are critical in acute, life-saving circumstances.
Dr Daniel Christ

Alpha-Gal Syndrome May Be Caused by the Body’s Defense Against Parasites Gone Haywire

Genetic and molecular insights into dangerous tick bite-related meat allergy revealed.
Aquestive AQST-109 Epinephrine Film

Aquestive Reports Positive Results from Sublingual Epinephrine Clinical Trial

Phase 2 study continues to show AQST-109 is safe and well tolerated.