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COVID Vaccine Being Drawn

Second COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Dose Found Safe Following Allergic Reactions to First Dose

Among individuals who had an allergic reaction to their first mRNA COVID-19 vaccine dose, all who went on to receive a second dose tolerated it.
Jo Frost

“Supernanny” Jo Frost Calls for Support of Elijah’s Law Nationally

Jo Frost shares a heartfelt message and Call To Action support video.
Happy Baby

Study Will Determine Whether Whooping Cough Vaccine Can Help Prevent Food Allergies

"We hope that by training the immune system in this way we will stop it mistakenly mounting allergic responses to harmless substances.”

New Online Program Offers Food Allergy Training for Schools and Daycare Center Staff

Belay’s training program and preparedness plan aims offers key tools and support needed to help schools transform themselves according to the newly-introduced regulations.
Blood Samples

AllerGenis Lauds Study Results of New, More Accurate Blood Test for Diagnosis of Peanut...

"Test brings us one step closer to eliminating the need to subject patients to an oral food challenge."
World Allergy Week 2021

STOP Anaphylaxis: a Two Hour Webinar Hosted by the World Allergy Organization, June 17,...

“Anaphylaxis does not have to be severe or fatal, if it is identified and treated immediately.”
FD&C Red 40

Artificial Food Colorants Can Cause Disease After Immune System Dysregulation

When given a diet with the food dyes Red 40 or Yellow 6, the altered mice developed IBD.
FARE + Catalyst

FARE Working to Expand Support for Food Allergy Families in Underserved Communities

Teams with Catalyst Missions Group in Newark, NJ to identify local priorities for food allergy awareness and training.
Gut Microbiome

Gut Microbiota and Development of Food Allergy Linked to Birth Method and Ethnicity

"It’s important to know what predicts or increases risk of food sensitivities because they predict which infants will go on to develop asthma and other types of allergies."
FARE at Congress

House Passes FASTER Act for Sesame Labeling, Awaits President’s Signature

Legislation requires that sesame be labeled on packaged foods; prioritizes food allergy research.