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FDA Fast Tracks Alladapt’s ADP101 for the Treatment of Single and...

Fast Track Designation accelerates ADP101's development path for the treatment of food allergies.
Frito-Lay Recall

Frito-Lay Recall Exposes Weakness in US Allergen Labeling Regulations

How did this happen and what does it mean for the consumer concerned with food allergies?

Palforzia Shows Positive Results in Peanut-Allergic Children Ages 1-3 in Phase...

73.5% of patients treated with PALFORZIA tolerated a 600 mg single dose of peanut protein at 12 months.
Parents at LTISD School Board Meeting

Outraged Parents Call for Expulsion of Lake Travis Students After Peanut...

"Since this incident, my son has faced backlash and retaliation almost daily,"
Lake Travis HS Practice Field

Allergic High School Athlete Intentionally Exposed to Peanuts by Teammates

Perpetrators reportedly knew of their teammate's peanut allergy and recorded the incident.
Woman Drinking Milk

Research Shows Allergic Sensitivity to Common Foods Raises the Risk of...

Increased risk includes people without obvious food allergies.
Woman Brushing Teeth

Study: Specialized Toothpaste May Lower Risk of Reactions in Adults with...

New study shows specially formulated toothpaste successful in peanut immunotherapy for adults.
Oral Food Challenge

Measuring Water Loss Via Skin Predicts Anaphylaxis During Oral Food Challenges

Method aims to detect the life-threatening reaction before epinephrine injections are necessary.
JJ and TJ Watt

All-Pro Linebacker TJ Watt Almost Died During Trip to Rome Due...

"We had no idea if he was gonna make it."