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Stock Photo of Sad Boy with Birthday Cake

You be the Judge: Woman Slammed for Son’s Peanut Butter Birthday...

Was the mom of the birthday boy at fault? What about the mom of the allergic nephew?
Ron Cohen and Aharon Avital

Emergency Medical Service Saves Two Anaphylactic Shock Victims Within an Hour

Both EMTs carry epinephrine and saved the day.
Out of school / Off to camp!

Update to Safe Snack Guide and Allergence Just in Time for...

Over 3,000 allergy-friendly products from 170+ reliable partner manufacturers!
The Dervish Family

Turkish Airlines Boots Family from Flight Due to Daughter’s Peanut Allergy

Airline provided no assistance to family after deboarding.
Cashews (and Pistachios)

OIT Effective in Desensitizing Children to Cashew Allergy (and Pistachio Allergy...

Tree nut allergy is often complicated by cross-sensitization, cross-reactivity, and cross-contact between different tree nuts.
Gene Defect in DNA

Diagnosis of 12-Year-Old Boy with Gene Defect Leads to New Avenues...

First description of the mutation in the human genome.
Weiser Gift to Support Sung Poblete in New Role as FARE CEO

$2M Weiser Family Gift Provides Generous Support to FARE’s New CEO

Monies pledged will drive new research and initiatives benefitting the food allergy community.
Poppy and Joanna Jones

14-Year-Old Girl Suffers Anaphylaxis Aboard BA Flight After Passenger Refuses to...

Man continued to eat peanuts despite two requests from cabin crew.
Alec Baldwin and Family

Alec Baldwin’s 18-Month-Old Son Rushed to Hospital with “Very Bad Allergic...

Eduardo is home and doing fine now, but mom Hilaria is rattled.