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Food Allergy Rate Highest Among Hispanics, Blacks and Asians

Addressing a paucity of population-based data of food allergy among racial and ethnic groups in the US.
Free to Feed Survey

Calling Parents of Young Children with a History of Food Allergy,...

Your chance to help advance the understanding of food allergies.
Owen Carey

Father of Owen Carey Who Died from Anaphylaxis on His 18th...

Six years later, Owen's Law was debated in parliament.
Heron Island Resort

Remote Resort Fined $50,000 for Gross Negligence After Teen Suffers Anaphylaxis

Resort only accessible by boat and helicopter.
Chicken and Egg

Scientists Create Allergen-Free Egg by Removing Problematic Protein

In this case, the chicken came first.
FDA Draft Guidance

FDA Issues New Draft Guidance Regarding Allergen Labeling and Cross-Contact

Spoiler Alert: the draft does nothing to help the food allergy community.
Kathryn Haines

Help This Mother of Three Boys with Food Allergies Get School...

Help this mom during Food Allergy Awareness Week.
Harley has an app!

Harley Has an App to Teach Kids About Food Allergies

Teach your kids and grandchildren about food allergies!
Arianna Varghese

School Officials Offered No Help to Teen Suffering Anaphylaxis at Junior...

"I have never felt so close to death in my life."

Lawsuit Claims Daycare Gave Toddler Peanut Snack Despite Life-Threatening Allergy

Complaint claims Discover Me Montessori risked child's life due to food allergy safety violations and improper caregiver training.