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Aly West

In Memory of Aly West

Another young life lost to anaphylaxis.
Boy Contemplating a Peanut

Why Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy Works for Some, Not Everyone

Researchers make progress in peanut allergy immunotherapy using a new approach.
Peanut M&M's

Study Determines What Patients Prefer for Maintenance After Completing OIT with...

Patients chose from continuing with Palforzia or switching to a common food.
Wannamaker Hall, Clemson University

No Charges Filed in Clemson Hazing Incident that Allegedly Sent Peanut-Allergic...

Father and son deny allegations of hospitalization.
Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan

You be the Judge: Woman Gives Stepdaughter a Snickers (and Trip...

A complicated situation requires your expertise.
Genetic Research

Gene Mutation Linked to Persistent Food Allergies in Children

Defects in flaggrin correlate directly with food allergy.
Immunoglobulin A

Food-Specific Antibody Does not Correlate with Natural Tolerance to Peanut or...

Research from Northwestern University sheds more light on IgA.
Dr Ruchi Gupta

Caregivers Not Getting the Message About Early Peanut Introduction (and Neither...

Help educate your child's doctors and fellow parents.
Stock Photo of a Surprised Baby

Infant Anaphylaxis Generally Resolves with Single Dose of Epinephrine, Seldom Requires...

Researchers analyzed the medical records of 169 infants aged 0-24 months.