Discounts and Guidance on Ordering Allergy-Friendly Foods Online: #SnackSafelyAtHome


With the arrival of coronavirus / COVID-19, we understand that our 1.2 million readers — the vast majority of which are from families coping with food allergies — are concerned they will not be able to find products locally that are safe for their allergen restrictions.

We also understand that our 120+ partner manufacturers, especially the smaller companies, are already feeling an impact to their businesses now that consumers are sheltering in place.

We at stand at the crossroads and are in a unique position to help. That’s why we’ve launched #SnackSafelyAtHome, a free program for our partners to incentivize them to offer discounts to you, our readers.

Below are coupons and discounts with more added on a day-by-day basis. Don’t see an offering from your favorite partner manufacturer? Click on the manufacturer icons at the bottom of the page, search their offerings, and use the buttons to order from their respective websites and Amazon pages.

Note: Coupons below may offer products that do not meet your allergen-restrictions. Refer to our Allergence product screening service to see precisely how each is manufactured with respect to the 11 allergens we track.

#SnackSafelyAtHome Promotions

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Our Partner Manufacturers

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