Announces Acquisition by National Peanut Board* has announced the acquisition of the food allergy advocacy by the National Peanut Board – an organization representing the interests of the nation’s peanut farmers – effective today, April 1.

Beginning this Monday, the focus of the blog will be repurposed to promote the health benefits of wholesome peanut butter in our nation’s schools, the Safe Snack Guide will be renamed The Peanut Snack Guide, and Allergence, their allergen screening service, will be restricted to accepting products manufactured in plants that also process peanuts.

“They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse”, says Dave Bloom,’s former CEO and now Chief Peanut Officer of the national board. “I woke up this morning staring down the barrel of shotgun and had a sudden epiphany. It was a ‘come to Mr Peanut’ moment”. will begin transitioning to a new site, More information as details become available.

*Please note: This is a joke! A parody! An April Fools funny!

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