An Allergen-Free Halloween – and That’s it. (Sponsored)


Don’t let treats with spooky ingredients get in the way of Halloween fun this year. Not everyone can enjoy the traditional Halloween candy – so let’s keep it simple this spooky season with delicious treats that everyone can get in on. 

That’s it. makes delicious, convenient, plant-based super snacks from pure, simple ingredients. All That’s it. snacks are completely free from the top food allergens, making them the perfect option for a night that millions of Americans are forced to spend anxiously reading labels.  

While our famous two-ingredient Fruit Bars are the #1 allergen-free fruit product in the country, they’re not where our trick-or-treating options ends. Continue on for top tips on delighting your trick-or-treaters with delicious Halloween treats with none of the scary allergens: 

That’s it. Mini Fruit Bars 

The same delicious Fruit Bar, just minier and mightier. Just like their full-sized counterparts, these sweet, 100% all-natural bars contain just two simple ingredients: fruit + fruit.

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That’s it. Go Bananas! Crunchables

These sweet treats are made from two ingredients: apples and bananas, crisped and crunched to perfection. With a crisp and delicious taste and no added sugars, these individually-wrapped fruit snacks will be the talk of the block on Halloween night. 

Fun Size Fruit Bars 

These sweet, fun-sized fruit bars are made for the trick-or-treating scene. Each 10g bite packs one sweet serving of fruit and absolutely zero food allergens – and the 50-count Fun Size Variety Pack means there will be enough for each ghoul and goblin that arrives.

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At That’s it., we understand the anxiety of constantly studying food labels and still worrying about the products you’re buying – and that this anxiety can understandably peak at Halloween. We know that the stakes are high, but choosing allergen-free snacks and treats that you can trust is easy with That’s it. We guarantee it.

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