Over 8,000 Food Allergy Patients in Remission with the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP)


In early 2023, the Food Allergy Institute reached the exciting milestone of 8,000 food allergy patients in remission. This means 8,000 patients who were once severely allergic to a multitude of foods can now eat their allergens in any amount without restriction or fear of reaction.

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The Problem

Historically, the only “treatment” prescribed to those with food allergies has been avoidance. Meanwhile, food allergies cause up to 30,000 emergency room visits and up to 200 fatal food anaphylaxis reactions each year in the US. With numbers so staggering, it is apparent avoidance is not a solution.

Treatment methods like Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) have had varying success in allowing those with peanut, egg, or milk allergies to achieve “bite safety”- or safety from accidental ingestion. However, these programs come with extreme risks and still ultimately call for avoidance.

Our Mission

At the Food Allergy Institute, we have reimagined a world without food allergies. Through our Tolerance Induction ProgramTM (TIP), we help food allergy patients regain their confidence and achieve food freedom, or the ability to eat whatever they want, whenever they want, without restriction.


Distressed by watching parents lose their children to fatal allergic reactions, Dr. Inderpal Randhawa questioned conventional protocols for food anaphylaxis. With his experience in lung transplant immunology, he set out to change the status quo. In 2015, Dr. Randhawa would go on to develop the Tolerance Induction ProgramTM and found the Food Allergy Institute.

The Food Allergy Institute (FAI), based in Long Beach, California, is the largest treatment center of its kind and actively treats up to 5,000 patients from across the globe.

A Unique Approach: How TIP Works

The Tolerance Induction ProgramTM is not a traditional exposure therapy. TIP is the first remission-inducing food allergy treatment program specializing in those with severe or anaphylactic food allergies.

The program is offered to all patients between the ages of 18 months to 21 years of age*, regardless of the number of allergens or pre-existing medical conditions like environmental allergies, asthma, EoE, or FPIES.
*case by case

Immune System Mapping

Data is the core of the Tolerance Induction ProgramTM. The patient journey begins with extensive diagnostic testing to map out the immune system and build an allergic profile or list of all a patient’s allergens (ranging from moderate to anaphylactic).

Customized Treatment Plans

Using Artificial intelligence (AI), a patient’s test results are cross-referenced with over a trillion data markers collected from every patient Dr. Randhawa has performed lab testing on since 2005, to create a personalized treatment plan. The more patients treated and the more data collected, the more precise treatment plans become.

Food Protein Matching

Once a treatment plan is created, a patient’s immune system is systematically retrained to tolerate allergens by introducing biosimilar foods in a series of “food challenges.” Bio-similar foods are foods with similar proteins to those in a patient’s allergens.

This means your child will never begin dosing their anaphylactic foods. Instead, allergens are only introduced after a patient has built a tolerance to them. Using this method, we have been able to achieve reaction rates lower than 1%.

Once a patient reaches remission or “food freedom,” they can consume their most anaphylactic allergens without reaction and eat as freely as a non-allergic child would!

Yuma: A Story of Hope

  • Watch Yuma’s inspiring story and discover the life-changing effects of TIP: “It’s a game-changer… Your life and your child’s life will be dramatically improved.”

●  Read more patient testimonials here.

Food Freedom Awaits!

For so long, food allergy patients have had to live isolated from social events and in constant fear of reaction, with little help from the healthcare system. At the Food Allergy Institute, a solution to food allergies exists. As we hit this milestone of 8,000 patients in remission, we hope to continue transforming the lives of more food allergy patients, and we look forward to a future free from food allergies.

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●  Read the peer-reviewed paper authored by our founder, Dr. Inderpal Randhawa, published by the clinical journal PLOS ONE. The study is the first to analyze the effectiveness of machine learning in treating patients with severe food allergies.

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