Victim of HS Football Peanut Hazing Incident Transfers to New School for Safety Reasons


Carter Mannon, a senior at Lake Travis High School and an offensive lineman on the school’s varsity football team, was hazed last fall by teammates after they learned of his severe peanut allergy.

On a night in October before a football game, Carter shared details of his allergy to peanuts with his teammates.

“A couple of teammates on his varsity football team were asking about his allergy to peanuts and asked if it could kill him,” said Shawna Mannon, Carter’s mom. “If it were to touch him, or would it kill him if they put them in his cleats or in his uniform? He said, ‘Yes, it absolutely could.’”

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Ms Mannon stated that his teammates began flicking peanuts at him hours before his game. When he opened his locker to suit up for the game, Carter discovered peanuts had been spread over his locker, uniform, and cleats.

He immediately broke out in hives which could have progressed to full-blown anaphylaxis had he not known how to respond.

The Lake Travis School District, which said it worked with other law enforcement agencies, ruled that it was not a case of bullying.

An e-mail from a district spokesperson shared by Ms Mannon stated:

I conclude that bullying, as defined by law and LTISD policy, has not occurred. When questioned, Carter indicated that he was frustrated by these alleged actions against him, but that he was not afraid to attend school or go to football practice. (One of the teammates) and Carter share a class together, and Carter said that he did not want a scheduling change.

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In a statement to Austin American-Statesman, Ms Mannon said Carter has transferred to another school for safety reasons. She said:

We feel like a fresh start for our family is going to be a big step in healing from this situation. We have three kids, so we are considering how this has impacted the girls as well. Carter has been welcomed by his new school with open arms. It has been a refreshing transition so far.

Despite the lack of disciplinary action taken by the district, karma appears to have come for one of the teammates. A junior on the team involved in the hazing had a scholarship offer to Texas revoked after the school learned of the incident.

You can see KVUE’s coverage of the incident here:

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