New Auto-Injector Candidate Presented at Food Allergy Fund Summit


CEO Conor Cullinane of Pirouette Medical gave a brief description of his company’s new auto-injector at this year’s Food Allergy Fund Summit in NYC last week.

Headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, Pirouette has developed a platform for the delivery of self-injectables and is planning the launch of an emergency epinephrine treatment for anaphylaxis as its first deliverable.

Cullinane describes the three pain points their device addresses as “affordability, affordability, and usability in this X posting:

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The round device, aptly named “quicpush,” looks similar the “Easy” button used in Staple’s promotions.

The top of the device provides the three instructions for use:

  1. Twist to remove [cap];
  2. Push to click [on outer thigh];
  3. Hold for 2 seconds.

An innovation at the bottom of the device (the “business” end where the needle is deployed) features a medical-grade adhesive located under the cap to hold the device in place on skin and clothing during administration.

Once administered, the needle fully retracts and the device provides an indicator showing that it was used.

The company has garnered 21 patents and has 4 patents pending.

Cullinane indicated quicpush would be significantly more affordable than options currently available.

You can participate in their $5+ million crowdfunding raise at Wefunder.

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Dave Bloom
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