Pizza Chain Topping Their Special Pie with Peanut Shells is Endangering Patrons


John’s Incredible Pizza Co, a chain based in California, is serving their Spicy Peanut Butter pie topped with whole peanuts in the shell. Putting aside the question of why pepperoni and peanut butter should be combined in the first place, you might wonder why peanuts in the shell are placed on the finished pie.

According to owner John Parlet in an interview with “The Katchup” podcast, the chain places the peanuts on the pie so there is no confusion about the peanut content that might harm a person with food allergies.

But that practice is entirely misguided… even dangerous.

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Peanut butter and whole peanuts are obviously handled in the kitchen and serving areas allowing for ample opportunity for cross-contact. Baking peanut butter pizzas in the same oven as their plain pizzas or sharing the same countertop and serving utensils places their patrons with peanut allergies in danger of reactions for ALL their dishes including their non-peanut pizza varieties.

The practice might lead less informed patrons to think the non-peanut varieties are safe for those with peanut allergies. In fact, the allergen information page on their website says nothing about the danger of peanut cross-contact for their other pizza varieties.

Instead, the chain should place signs throughout the store and on their take-out boxes warning patrons that peanut butter is used in the kitchen and that their dishes, regardless of the variety, may contain peanuts.

We urge John’s Incredible Pizza to step up and take the steps necessary to truly protect their customers rather than employ worthless — even dangerous — publicity stunts.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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