Allergic Living Spring 2014 Edition!


We’re excited to learn that Allergic Living has published their Spring 2014 Edition! We at are big fans, especially the articles related to food allergies and celiac disease.

This edition has a number of articles of particular interest to the food allergy community, including:

  • The controversy over milk allergy in schools;
  • The combination of oral immunotherapy with an asthma drug to reduce food induced reactions much faster than OIT alone;
  • A new celiac blood test;
  • FARE’s new program targeting allergy accommodation at colleges;
  • Q&A with their food allergy experts;
  • Allergy-friendly recipes to add some excitement and variety to mealtimes.

You can subscribe or purchase an individual issue at their website, or pick up a copy at many Whole Foods Market locations.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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