Zeneo: A Needle-Free Epinephrine Auto-Injector Currently in Development


Crossject, a pharma company based in Dijon, France, is developing a needleless auto-injector device the company will use to deliver a portfolio of drugs including epinephrine.

The device consists of a specially designed glass tube that can withstand high pressure in combination with a propellant based on a nitrocellulose chemical reaction.

When activated, the device propels the drug under high pressure through the skin into the bloodstream without the need for a needle.

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The company website provides the following description:

In a validation study, ZENEO® demonstrated its ability to ensure correct intramuscular injection regardless of the amount of fat underneath the skin. Thus, ZENEO® is the only system to offer full performance regardless of patient morphology.

Also, ZENEO® eliminates phobias and handling errors associated with classic needle-based auto-injectors.

The administration of the device requires two steps:

  1. Removal of the safety cap, which automatically breaks the sterility seal.
  2. Perpendicular placement of the device on the skin surface and a push; a click signal occurs once the injection is completed (in less than a tenth of a second).
Zeneo Administration
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Unlike traditional need-based auto-injectors that are able to deliver epinephrine through clothing, it appears Zeneo requires the device to be placed on bare skin. In an emergency, this requirement could prove an impediment if the device must be placed on the outer thigh, which is not easily accessible under clothing.

We will follow up with Crossject to learn more about Zeneo and their timeline for introduction in the US.

Source: ZENEO, a unique device worldwide — Crossject Website
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