Thoughts Behind the Mask


First, let me just say I wholeheartedly am a mask-wearing US citizen and a member of the Let’s-All-Do-The-Right-Things-Anti-COVID-19 Party.

Though, as I sit nervously awaiting my mammogram on the heels of a lumpectomy last year, I miss the smiles of strangers. I miss the “I don’t know you or what you are dealing with”, warm fuzzy, friendly connectedness of a smile. Speaking as someone who gives them away easily and frequently, it is a moment when I could use one myself. A simple gesture, that we all took for granted is in hiding behind the masks. I see others around me who could probably use a friendly smile as well.

But this is the least of our worries!! Now, I sit here thinking about all of those who are feeling miserably ill, fighting for their lives, or mourning a loved one who was avoidably taken away too soon by Covid-19. World citizens, can you PLEASE just do the right things? Wear a mask in public, social distance EVERYWHERE you go, STOP with the large gatherings, DEAL with the temporary limitations, and PUT OFF traveling for just a short while! Or it will be a much MUCH longer time until things get better.

Wear your mask to protect your smile, your health, your life, and those around you! Right now New Zealanders are enjoying the freedom of a COVID-free life. They have REAL freedom as a COVID-free country because ALL of their citizens did the right things. They are not threatened by illness and loss. They are living full lives and gathering together carefree with family, friends, and strangers, smiling.

Stay safe,

Update: All clear, phew! Now go get YOUR mammogram, ladies!!

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Debra Bloom
Debra Bloom
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