Startup Uses AI to Identify and Create Care Plan for Infants at High Risk of Developing Food Allergies


MYOR, a tech company based in Israel, is teaming with Denver-based Horizon Pediatrics and Primary Care to identify infants at high risk of developing food allergies and provide guidance in prevention and care to their parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

MYOR’s platform — dubbed NURTURE Precision Infant Care — combines data derived from a quick, painless skin test with the answers to a short parental questionnaire which is then analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) to identify whether the child is at high risk for developing food allergies.

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If so, the platform can generate a customized, web-based care plan that provides detailed advice on managing the newborn’s risk as well as provide recipes and specifically formulated nutritional and dermatological products.

Said MYOR CEO Idan Katz:

Caregivers across the country will be able to take control of the future of their children’s allergies and sleep better at night. MYOR is proud to help bring together families, healthcare providers, and technology in order to achieve this.

While the platform will roll out with Horizon, a growing number of clinics across the US plan to offer the platform to parents when they bring their babies in for their first well-baby visits.

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Dr Isaac Melamed, allergy specialist and the medical director of Horizon Pediatrics, said:

NURTURE is an ideal offering for our patients and complements our vision to provide the best healthcare service available today. We have long understood that allergic conditions should be addressed before they emerge. Finally, we have a product that helps us to do so.

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Dave Bloom
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