Disney World Guest Hospitalized After Food Allergy Instructions Ignored


According to “Inside the Magic”, an annual pass holder to Disney World who wishes to remain anonymous hopes to raise awareness by relaying their story after suffering an ordeal at the Magic Kingdom.

Upon visiting EPCOT Center’s La Crêperie de Paris, the guest requested a gluten-free crepe to accommodate her allergen restrictions.

EPCOT’s La Crêperie de Paris

They pick up the story:

I went to the crepe restaurant in EPCOT today and was promised it was modified gluten-free. It was not.

I was vomiting, heart rate skyrocketed, and blood pressure skyrocketed.

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The guest explained they suffer from a rare auto-inflammatory disease that also causes their body to attack healthy joints, causing severe mobility issues.

They were rushed to the hospital where they were treated and subsequently released.

They told Inside the Magic:

A whole day wasted. And now I’m scared to eat Disney food. It’s just sad.

This is the third time in my life this has happened at Disney where I have been given my allergen. I even ask every single time after the food is delivered to reassure it is gluten-free even though it has the stick in it. I’m overcautious and do everything right with my allergy. Do better Disney. A very sad and loving Passholder.

The guest, who refers to Disney as their “second home”, made it clear they are not looking to bash the resort, only to spur the company to do better for their guests with food allergies and restrictions.

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Disney’s policy regarding accommodating those with food allergies is displayed on their website:

Allergy-Friendly and Special Dietary Requests

At Walt Disney World Resort, we take great pride in providing choice and variety for Guests with special dietary requests. You can request to speak with a chef or a special diets-trained Cast Member at most table-service and select quick-service restaurants. In most cases, no advance arrangements are needed. While restaurants take reasonable efforts to accommodate dietary requests, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to meet all requests.

This is another reminder to always take two epinephrine auto-injectors along everywhere, every time, even at Disney resorts which have a reputation for accommodating food allergies and restrictions.

Be sure to administer the drug when you first suspect anaphylaxis and immediately seek emergency care.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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