No Charges Filed in Clemson Hazing Incident that Allegedly Sent Peanut-Allergic Pledge to Hospital


A police investigation into hazing at Clemson University’s Kappa Alpha Order fraternity has officially ended without charges being filed due to insufficient evidence. This — according to a statement by Lt Janet Brock — was because the brothers involved had no prior knowledge of the pledge’s peanut allergy before pouring boiled peanut juice on him.

On September 22, 2021, police received a report of an incident at Wannamaker Hall —the housing quad for multiple fraternities — involving members of Kappa Alpha and a pledge who had possibly gone to the hospital after an allergic reaction to peanut oil.

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Rumors were that the pledge had gone to the hospital for treatment after the incident. Upon questioning, the father claimed he heard of the incident on social media but that his son dropped out of pledging after realizing the fraternity wasn’t a good fit for him. Neither would confirm the incident took place according to incident reports obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Witnesses told police the pledge had been sent to a grocery store to purchase products that included boiled peanuts. The pledge was then wrapped in cellophane and boiled peanut juice was “accidentally” poured on him. According to reports, upon learning of his peanut allergy, the brothers took the pledge to the shower, gave him Benadryl, and kept watch for further reactions. Witnesses mentioned having an epinephrine auto-injector on hand that was not used.

Despite an internal investigation reportedly conducted by the national fraternity, the Clemson chapter of Kappa Alpha remains “active” according to the Post and Courier.

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Dave Bloom
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