Food Allergy Non-Profits Deserving of Your Support on GivingTuesday


GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good, whether that means donating money, resources, or time.

We encourage you to learn more about the non-profit organizations dedicated to serving the food allergy community below and consider donating to or volunteering with those that resonate with you.

You’ll find short descriptions for each organization along with links to donate and learn more. Donations to each non-profit go a long way toward raising awareness and making life safer for those coping with food allergies.

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Do you have a deserving food allergy non-profit not listed here? Add it in the comment section below.

Food Allergy Fund

The Food Allergy Fund is the leading nonprofit dedicated to funding food allergy research. FAF aims to identify underlying causes, discover new therapeutics, and improve the lives of all people living with food allergies. Through their groundbreaking research and unique thought leadership summits, they accelerate innovation to find solutions.

Elijah-Alavi Foundation

Elijah-Alawi Foundation

The Elijah-Alavi Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nationwide access to diverse, socially equitable, and inclusive resources for food allergies and asthma in childcare, daycare and schools regardless of socio-economic status, cultural background, or socioeconomic class. The foundation serves as a leading voice in the field of food allergies and asthma, providing accredited training for school professionals and those working in childcare settings to ensure the proper management and care of individuals with these conditions.

Food Equity Initiative

Food Equality Initiative (FEI) subsidizes a direct-to-door grocery delivery service for qualified clients through their Food Is Medicine Access Program (FIMAP).

By connecting people to community resources and subsidizing direct-to-door delivery services, they aim to ease the financial and psychological strain of a diagnosis of a diet-treated illness on individuals and families and strive to nurture a community where everyone has access to the foods they need. 

Red Sneakers for Oakley Foundation

Red Sneakers for Oakley (RSFO) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit established in 2016 after Oakley Debbs tragically passed away due to an anaphylactic allergic reaction. RSFO is grounded in the sense that education is desperately needed between allergists, hospitals, first-responders, parents, schools, and the general public. The foundation has dedicated its resources to education and advocacy for food allergy awareness to save lives across the globe.

Kyah Rayne Foundation

The Kyah Rayne Foundation strives to improve early care and education programs by developing plans to prevent allergic reactions and respond to food allergy emergencies, including anaphylaxis. Early and quick recognition and treatment can prevent serious health problems and death.

Their mission is to develop and monitor comprehensive emergency planning that includes prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery for food allergy and anaphylactic emergencies.

Allison Rose Foundation

The Allison Rose Foundation, a 501(c)3, was formed to prevent other families from experiencing the tragedy and untimely food allergy death of a child or young adult.

The Foundation is dedicated to changing the lives of families with food allergies through education, awareness, research, and advocacy. Their goal is to decrease and eliminate untimely deaths of children and young adults due to food allergies.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT)

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing education about food allergies and anaphylaxis and enhancing the safety of children and adults worldwide affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis.

FAACT’s mission is to educate, advocate, and raise awareness for all individuals and families affected by food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis. Whether it’s keeping children safe at school, responding to food allergy bullying, traveling, preparing for college, dealing with workplace issues, or simply taking the family out for dinner, FAACT has the facts you need to manage food allergies and stay healthy. FAACT is your voice for food allergy awareness.

Kids with Food Allergies

Kids with Food Allergies

Kids with Food Allergies (KFA) is a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the nation’s oldest and leading asthma and allergy not-for-profit organization. With one in 13 children living with a food allergy, KFA services are needed now more than ever. They are a vital lifeline to families raising children with food allergies.

They are dedicated to saving lives and reducing the burden of food allergies through support, advocacy, education and research.

Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE)

FARE’s mission is to improve the quality of life and health of those with food allergies through transformative research, education, and advocacy. FARE has turned over $100 million in donor gifts into ground-breaking research and has provided a voice for the community, advocating on behalf of more than 85 million Americans living with life-threatening food allergies and intolerances.


FOODiversity | Mooresville NC

FOODiversity’s mission is to lessen the burden of food insecurity for individuals with food allergy, celiac disease and food intolerances.

The organization equips individuals and families with a consistent and reliable source of safe foods. Having the right foods prevents hunger and prevents allergic reactions or intestinal damage. Access to education supports better management of the medical conditions, and prevents medical emergencies and hospitalizations.



The International FPIES Association (I-FPIES) is a 501(c)3 patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for those with FPIES through advocacy, education, support, and research.

I-FPIES strives to be the worldwide leader in FPIES awareness and the issues surrounding this condition. We seek to increase awareness by providing educational resources, support services, advocacy, and the development of groundbreaking research through our partnership with the medical community.

Allergy Advocates New York

Allergy Advocates NY

Allergy Advocates New York is dedicated to helping in the prevention of anaphylaxis with training, legislation passage and implementation. The mission of the association is to help inform, educate and raise awareness of the public at large and at-risk individuals to allergies and anaphylaxis.

The association acts as a web-based clearinghouse for information on the dangers of untreated allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock. They act as an open public forum for new ideas and the latest innovations for the treatment of these illnesses and seek a leadership role in shaping the direction of public advocacy on related issues and initiatives in the fields of medicine, treatment, and legislation.

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