Clinical-Stage Companies Join Forces to Advance Food Allergy Therapy


A collaboration was announced today that could have a significant bearing on a food allergy treatment currently under development.

Intrommune Therapeutics, a New York-based biotech company, is embarking on a Phase 2 clinical study of INT301, their innovative toothpaste designed to treat peanut allergy.

Using this fully functional toothpaste, the oral mucosa is exposed to allergenic proteins, which drives desensitization, unlike oral immunotherapy (OIT), which requires ingestion of the allergen.

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The press release today announced a collaboration between Intrommune and Inimmune Corporation, another clinical-stage company developing a rapid disease-modifying treatment that does not require identification of the allergen.

The two companies plan to evaluate the potential for combining the two immunotherapies.

“The combination provides an opportunity to significantly advance the prevention of allergic symptoms related to exposure to peanut allergen in susceptible individuals. The combination of technologies provided by each company can completely change the treatment paradigm associated with serious food related allergic reactions,” said Alan Joslyn, PhD, Inimmune’s CEO. “We look forward to advancing the combined technologies into the clinic in the near future.”

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“This collaborative opportunity between Intrommune and Inimmune represents a significant step forward in the fight to reduce the physical and psychological burden that food allergies have on millions of individuals living with food allergy,” said Michael Nelson, Intrommune’s founder and CEO. “By combining our disease-modifying, patient-friendly treatment platform with Inimmune’s proprietary rapid desensitization technology, we look to create a future free from the fear of food allergies.”

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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