Groundbreaking Study by Food Allergy Institute Reveals a Lasting Solution for Children with Milk Allergies


Long Beach, California — June 25, 2024 — Food Allergy Institute (FAI) has unveiled a pioneering study with the potential to transform the lives of children suffering from cow’s milk allergy. Published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the study titled “Long Term Efficacy and Safety of Cow’s Milk Anaphylaxis Specific Immunotherapy: Allergen Unresponsiveness via the Tolerance Induction ProgramTM” demonstrates that children previously severely allergic to cow’s milk can now safely consume dairy products without restrictions.

Food allergies affect approximately 8% of U.S. children, equating to about 4.2 million young individuals, and milk allergy is one of the hardest allergies to treat. In this first-of-its-kind study, 214 pediatric patients underwent the Tolerance Induction ProgramTM (TIP) for milk anaphylaxis. TIP’s innovative immunotherapy approach leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to customize treatment plans and map out a safe and efficient dosing strategy, allowing patients to achieve and maintain clinical remission.

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Key Findings:

Largest Study: This is the largest study on biosimilar protein immunotherapy for cow’s milk anaphylaxis ever published with 214 pediatric patients enrolled.

Complete Remission: 100% of the participants achieved milk allergy remission. All patients are now able to openly consume unlimited amounts of milk.

Safety Record: For the study, patients completed 56,443 food challenges, with only 6 (0.01%) incidents requiring epinephrine.

Sustained Results: All study participants have maintained a year of remission without any incidents necessitating epinephrine.

Dr. Inderpal Randhawa, the lead researcher and corresponding author, expressed his excitement about the study’s results: “This groundbreaking study is a game changer for children suffering from milk allergies. It demonstrates that dairy allergies can achieve remission, enabling children who are anaphylactic today to eventually consume milk without restriction. As we continue to harness the power of AI in healthcare, this pioneering approach represents a significant leap forward in allergy treatment and personalized medicine, promising a future where milk allergies no longer hinder daily life. This milestone demonstrates the real-world success of AI in advancing medical treatment, providing hope and improved quality of life for millions of patients starting today.”

The study highlights the effectiveness of the Tolerance Induction Program (TIP) in treating cow’s milk anaphylaxis. This program, which has also shown effectiveness in treating peanut allergies, revolutionizes the management of food allergies by providing long-term remission, allowing patients and families to live without the constant fear of allergic reactions.

About Food Allergy Institute (FAI): FAI is dedicated to advancing the treatment and understanding of food allergies through innovative research and patient-centered care. With over 8,000 patients achieving complete food freedom, FAI continues to lead the way in allergy treatment and management.

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