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Are all food allergens covered by FALCPA? Aren’t there many more than eight?

Over 160 foods have been identified to cause food allergies. That said, the eight major food allergens covered by FALCPA account for over 90...

What are the major food allergens covered by FALCPA?

FALCPA designates eight food groups as major food allergens: Milk Eggs Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod) Crustacean Shellfish (e.g., crab, lobster, shrimp) Tree Nuts...

What is the Food Allergen Labeling And Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) of 2004?

The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) of 2004 is an amendment to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.  It requires the label...

Editorial: Urine is NOT an Allergen Covered by FALCPA

While we may have taken liberties with the title, we leave you with an important question about allergens and manufacturing.
Hilary Duff and Scallops

Hilary Duff Finds She is Allergic to Scallops — But Are They a Top...

A shout out to Hilary and a quick lesson in allergen labeling.
FDA Draft Guidance

FDA Issues Important New Draft Guidance on Allergen Labeling After 16 Years

Must read if you are concerned with food allergies, intolerances, or celiac disease.
Intentional Allergen Warning

Company will Add Trace Amount of Allergen to All Products to Skirt Safety Regulation

Think major manufacturers all have their consumers’ interests at heart? Think again.
Wilton Bunny Hutch Kit

Easter Kit Recall Exposes Serious Ambiguity in US Allergen Labeling Regulations

The problem underlying the recall is not as clear-cut as stated on the FDA's website.
Food Allergy Talk Podcast

Lisa Horn Chats with Dave Bloom About Allergies, Labeling, and SnackSafely on “Food Allergy...

We discuss food allergies, allergen labeling, our petition, FALCPA, and other topics on the Food Allergy Talk podcast.