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Frito-Lay Recall

Frito-Lay Recall Exposes Weakness in US Allergen Labeling Regulations

How did this happen and what does it mean for the consumer concerned with food allergies?

How the FDA Has Continually Failed the Food Allergy Community and...

We must take action if we truly want to have needle-free options approved in the future.
belVita Allergen Labeling

BelVita Recall Exposes Serious Weakness in US Allergen Labeling

US allergen labeling regulations do not adequately protect the food allergy community.
FDA Draft Guidance

FDA Issues New Draft Guidance Regarding Allergen Labeling and Cross-Contact

Spoiler Alert: the draft does nothing to help the food allergy community.

Update Regarding Hershey’s “May Contain” Labeling of Two Easter-Themed Products

Please note this update to our earlier advisory.
Hershey's Easter May Contain

Advisory: Two of Hershey’s Easter Products Do Not Bear Company’s Usual...

Potential almond and peanut cross-contact.
Russell Stover Heart

One Example of Confusing (and Legal) Allergen Labeling at Your Local...

Help us change ambiguous regulations!
Ruben Bousquet

Mom, Who Lost Son to Anaphylaxis from Movie Popcorn, Spearheads Campaign...

"Judith's Wish" is a campaign calling for stricter allergen labeling in the UK