The manufacturer of Epipen brand auto-injectors has introduced a new $0 Co-Pay Card which will reimburse eligible participants for a portion of their out-of-pocket expenses. The program provides a great benefit for those families that require multiple auto-injectors, such as for home, school, day-care, etc.

The program will reimburse participants up to $100 per Epipen/Epipen Jr 2-Pak, for up to three 2-Paks per prescription, for an unlimited number of prescriptions until the program terminates on December 31, 2013.

Eligibility is restricted to those who are not covered by federal or state health plans, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

For more information, visit the program site by clicking here.

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4 Responses to Mylan Introduces $0 Co-Pay Program for Epipen® Auto-Injectors

  1. noel sanchez says:

    It works

  2. Carol Brown says:

    Why is it that those with Medicare are excluded from reduced payments/coupons? It is well known that Medicare does not cover out-patient prescription drug costs at all. My husband’s Part D program charges $292 for the EpiPen, citing a rise in the cost to $312…so a whopping savings of $20!!! What a rip-off. It seems seniors are penalized just because of age, never mind that the necessity of the medication is the same as anyone else with the need for the EpiPen.

  3. Aimee says:

    Thanks for this wonderful resource! In addition to peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs my daughter is allergic to dairy and kiwi. While kiwi is easy to avoid, do you ever plan to come out with a list that includes dairy-free safe snacks? Or do you recommend a way to cross reference dairy-free snacks with your list that is already super helpful for me?

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