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New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2014

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The publisher of the Safe Snack Guide, a resource relied upon by thousands of schools, camps, youth sports leagues and scouting groups nationwide to implement nut-free policies, is pleased to announce the newest member to join its Manufacturer Partnership.

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As many of our readers are well aware, peanuts are the leading cause of severe food-related allergic reactions in the US. Though Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) and related treatments that expose the subject to flour containing small, but increasing amounts of peanut protein are showing promise, there is a danger of anaphylactic reaction throughout the therapy.

Researchers at North Carolina State University’s Plants for Human Health Institute are experimenting with new therapy media that combine the traditional peanut flour used in OIT with plant polyphenols found in many fruits and vegetables. When the peanut protein in the flour is bound to polyphenols derived from plants like blackcurrant, cinnamon, cranberry and green tea, they appear to become much less allergenic in lab tests. Tests in mice with a cranberry derivative/peanut flour combination appeared to trigger the desired desensitization without the dangerous reactions that can occur.

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Paula Cooper

We often receive questions about dining out with food allergies. It’s a difficult problem; one that is only now beginning to receive the proper attention it deserves.

An important issue in assuring the safety of diners with food allergies is the proper training of the restaurant management and personnel responsible for procuring and preparing the ingredients that end up in your dish. Our friends at Dine Aware™ provide such training to the benefit of the industry at large.

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If you are concerned about food allergies or gluten sensitivity, then you know about Enjoy Life, the #1 brand in the “Free From” category and a member of the Manufacturer Partnership Program.

Joel Warady, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Enjoy Life Foods, was recently interviewed for the “Gluten Free Podcast” during which he provides a candid view of the Free From sector, his work at the firm, and his own dietary concerns. To learn more about one of the principals shaping the allergy-friendly food industry, listen to this podcast.

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reeses-oreoOn June 9, a limited edition Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreo is scheduled to hit the shelves of a store near you. Many of you contacted us with concerns about how (and where) these cookies are made, especially as they relate to the varieties of Oreos that are listed in the Safe Snack Guide.

As Mondelēz is not (yet) a member of our Manufacturer Partnership Program, we went through their traditional consumer channel and were greeted with the standard “Check the label – we label for possible peanut/tree nut cross contamination.” Once we explained that represents tens of thousands of consumers with food allergies, our request for more information was escalated through internal channels.

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Pretzel!Please note that we have removed a number of products from the Safe Snack Guide:

  • Shoprite ABC Cookie Squares – removed due to changes in manufacture/labeling/disclosure.
  • Righteously Raw Products – removed due to change in disclosure: manufactured on lines where coconut is also processed.

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New Jerseyans, your immediate action is needed to ensure much needed legislation is passed.

New Jersey Assembly Bill A304, which mandates schools stock epinephrine for use in emergencies, is scheduled for a full Assembly vote TOMORROW, Thursday, May 22.

Please read the following bulletin from Lynda Mitchell of Kids with Food Allergies (KFA). Be sure to click the link to send your letter of support for stock epinephrine in all NJ schools, and please share this with your friends and family and ask them to participate as well.

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KFA LogoTo close out Food Allergy Awareness Week, Peanut Free Planet is sponsoring a fundraiser for the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation, a wonderful organization that we often quote and reference on

For today only, Peanut Free Planet will donate 5% of sales to KFA, and all customers ordering today will receive a free gift bag with a dozen allergy-friendly products.

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Take 2 Rosie FAAW

It’s Food Allergy Awareness Week, and no doubt you’ve been getting your fill of war stories and gruesome statistics. But if you have food allergies or care for someone who does, you don’t need more educating… the rest of the world does.

If every one of us with a personal stake in raising awareness would share just one article, flyer, or video with someone outside their immediate circle – say a neighbor, a teacher, or a co-worker – we could spread awareness in the spirit this week was intended for.

Here’s one of our favorites, the video funded by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) and Mylan released in September entitled: “An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America”.  It’s a terrific primer, one that will bring anyone up to speed on the trials, hardships, and dangers families dealing with food allergies face every day:

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We’re pleased to present the following press release issued by the newest member of our Manufacturer Partnership Program.

Earth Source Organics Joins’s Manufacturer Partnership Program

The Righteously Raw Chocolate line is now featured in’s comprehensive Safe Snack Guide.

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