Must See Video: "Food Allergies Don't Take Vacations"


Brian Hom lost his son BJ to anaphylaxis in 2008 at the age of 18. In this video produced by FAAN and funded by Pfizer, Brian tells the heart-wrenching story of the family vacation to Mexico that ended in tragedy after BJ consumed a dessert that was contaminated with peanut.

Though Brian’s story is difficult to watch, it should be mandatory viewing for parents, family, friends, teachers and school administrators responsible for the care and safety of children with food allergies. We encourage you to share it with your circle and consider asking your school to make it available on their website.

Note: We advise caution before viewing this video with young children present as the theme involves the loss of a child while his parents are powerless to help.

Our sincerest thanks and heartfelt sympathies go out to Brian Hom and his family. We believe the best way to honor BJ’s memory is to ensure the tragedy of his story is never repeated. Parents must be prepared with a food allergy action plan, remain vigilant at all times, and always carry their child’s epinephrine auto-injectors!

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Dave Bloom
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  1. My son is allergic to eggs and chicken and they also suspect feather. Is it safe for him to eat Jell-o? I have not let him have any because I’ve been told that gelatin can contain chicken by-products. Is this true?
    Thank you,
    Stephanie Wagner


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