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You may have read our recent article reporting the demise of the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, urging you to contact your federal and state representatives to express your outrage. Jenelle Campbell did and decided to take matters into her own hands. She created a petition to members of Congress on, a social action site.

A mother of three from North Huntington, Pennsylvania, Jenelle took time out from her event planning business to take action. “My second child, Gabriella, is almost 5 years old and has severe food allergies”, she confided. “She is anaphylactic to dairy and was also diagnosed with a peanut and egg allergy. We discovered Gabriella’s allergy to dairy at the age of 7 months after she nibbled on a piece of Colby Jack cheese and promptly went into anaphylaxis. It was a harrowing experience, especially when we were medivac-ed to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.”

Janelle CampbellWhen asked her reason for starting the petition, she replied: “I care about this bill, and food allergy issues in general, simply because I fight the good fight every day of my life. And obviously so does my daughter. Hearing about the recent food-allergy related deaths that have occurred in school settings over the past year is enough to send any food-allergy parent over the edge. They are treatable and preventable if only Congress would get their act together. This legislation is such an incredibly easy way to have a much needed back-up system in place at our nation’s schools. Stocking epinephrine in the nurse’s office is a way to ensure that no child will ever be left without this life-saving medicine should the need arise. It’s a no-brainer.”

The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act would provide incentives to states to adopt legislation to stock schools with emergency doses of epinephrine, the only effective treatment for anaphylaxis. This petition will provide a much needed push to rescue the bill from committee.

We at applaud Jenelle’s efforts and urge you to do your part. Click the link below to access the petition:

Congressmen: Pass the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act!

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  1. Some states have signed this Act, they have decided to save a life of a child when an allergic reaction happens. Why turn your head and wait for another childs face to appear on the news that has died because there was no epi pen at to save their life. Please all states make it a law and provide the funding for each school in this country to carry Epi Pens. Save Childrens lives, it could be someone in your family!

  2. Not only do schools need Epi pens available, they need to train everyone working in schools how to use them. With recent school budget cut-backs, school nurses are not always available. This is too important of an issue to ignore.

  3. All schools need Epi pens made available and need to train school-staff how to use them. With budget cuts, school nurses are not always available. This is too important of an issue to ignore.

  4. It’s a simple measure to keep children safe. Lives are lost in a matter of minutes without access to epinephrine.

  5. My 3 year old grandson has a peanut/tree nut allergy and I urge our congressmen to please make it a law that all children can be safe at school. Please provide the funding for schools to have an ample supply of epi-pens available for food allergy emergencies. Children with food allergies have the right to feel safe at school and it is our responsibility to protect their precious life.

  6. One of my daughters has a long list of allergies. Last year while in Kindergarten she was given something with peanuts in it. I’m thankful that the teacher knew exactly what to do. However, not everyone knows what to do! All school employees and daycare employees should be required to learn how to use the epi as well as when to use it. They also should always have quick access to the epi. The life threatening reactions can’t always wait a few minutes to go find one etc. Please help save lives!

  7. My 4 year old was exposed to nuts by one of her teachers giving her hummus. Despite explicit instructions that she is not to eat anything that is not provided by me. She was given a small portion of hummus because the school was trying to expose them to different foods/cultures. She went into anaphylactic shock and the teacher/school wasn’t aware what was going on. She started throwing up and complained of a stomach ache. By the time I got there she was already puffed up and red in the face, and choking–not able to breathe. If it weren’t for a dose of Benadryl and Epi Pen, I don’t like thinking of what the outcome would have been. More schools/teachers should be trained and aware of how dangerous this allergy is. Having an Epi Pen on site (along with Benadryl) is a nice back up, but education needs to be provided. I don’t think teachers know what the symptoms are and how life threatening it is.

  8. my brother has nut allergies and the school bus is an extreme scary place for him. a lot of students eat candy such as Reese cup or poptarts such as the peanut butter ones. most kids don’t understand that it can kill him and in a confined area like that the risks of having a reaction is higher.


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