Krispy Kreme to Test New Product Containing Tree Nuts Across US


Though we have no relationship with the company, Kelley O’Brien, Krispy Kreme’s Director of Interactive, Digital, Social Media was kind enough to reach out to us with the following notice: is a great resource for families on online community matters. That’s why I wanted to let you know of the latest and greatest information about our products.

Krispy Kreme continues to innovate and introduce new offerings for our customers. As part of that process, we are testing a new product containing nuts across the US at select locations.

While we have never been represented as ‘nut-free’ because some of our ingredients have always come from third-party manufacturers with nuts in their facilities, we wanted to make sure you were aware. If you visit, you will notice signage about allergens in and around our stores to make sure people with food allergies and sensitives are informed. Customer safety is Krispy Kreme’s top priority.


We’ll continue to keep you apprised of updates and news as we have it. If you have questions, let me know. More information can also be found at

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We appreciate Krispy Kreme’s proactive outreach to the allergic community and urge our readers with tree nut allergies to heed the notice. Understand that it is almost impossible to prevent cross-contact in an environment where food products are manufactured in distributed locations and equipment is shared.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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  1. Boycott Krispy Creme donuts !!
    My son died from his peanut allergy in January and he was very careful about what he ate.
    Here is the fact : It is possible to manufacture food safely and away from allergens!!
    Another fact: Manufactures are taking the easy way out, the cheap way out and do not care about people dying due two peanut and food allergies!!
    We need to contact our senators and even politicians higher up!!
    I say boycott !!

    • Like Europe and Canada, the US should be more responsible in their manufacturing practices and labeling. It is unacceptable!!!
      I am extremely disheartened to know of your loss. Every parent in the food allergy community loses heart when they hear of such tragedies.

  2. Very sad, goobye to our son’s favourite treat. From now on we wil have to buy them somewhere else. I hope they reconsider, as they’re going to lose a lot of customers.
    Do we know when they start testing?. Just want to know if I can still get him one last box.

  3. This was our go to doughnut place also. we are sad that we will not be able to go anymore. I too would like to know when the testing starts to go and freeze some for later

  4. I am allergic , we won’t be buying anymore either. It’s sad, even the Great Value brands at walmart we can’t buy because they fill products with nuts. Thanks .

  5. I am glad that they have come forward ahead of time and making us aware! They most likely have seen the demand for the product and feel it is a way to make more money. As consumers we need to call companies that we love because of the nut free facility and tell them we make purchases from them for that very reason. Being reactive by calling to complain or boycotting after a decision is not as helpful as being proactive. I have a severe peanut allergy and it stinks when I can’t eat something I love because of the change. BUT we can’t eliminate every food allergen for everyone in the world, we wouldn’t be eating very much. They came forward made us aware which I am thankful for, sad for the change and now some of us will be making purchases elsewhere.

  6. Krispy Kreme changed the labeling on their boxes of doughnuts months ago. They have not been safe for those with tree nut allergies since at least September 2016, when we happened to recheck labels prior to buying a box that our 4-year-old with a tree nut allergy would have shared in. We were also very disappointed, as we had considered them a “safe” company prior to that.


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