Advisory: Disturbing Food Allergy Scene in 'Hereditary'


We received numerous e-mails from readers warning us of a disturbing scene in the new horror movie “Hereditary” involving an anaphylactic episode that does not end well.

Movie spoiler ahead with description of violent scene. Do NOT continue (and do NOT see the movie) if you are disturbed by depictions of anaphylaxis and/or violence.

Refinery 29 describes the lead-in as follows:

Early on in the movie, it’s established that the youngest and weirdest Graham child, Charlie (Milly Shapiro), is allergic to nuts. She routinely snacks on candy bars, which sends her parents Annie (Toni Collette) and Steve (Gabriel Byrne) into a mild panic when they realize that they don’t have her EpiPen. […]
Her brother, Peter (Alex Wolff) is all but forced to take Charlie to a party, where the only thing she can think to do while Peter smokes weed with his crush is help herself to some chocolate cake. (Same, girl.) Unfortunately, the cake has nuts in it, and Charlie’s throat starts to close. Peter, being the decent brother that he is, rushes Charlie to the hospital.

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The scene that follows shows Charlie, as she gasps for breath, leaning out of the car window to be decapitated by a telephone pole.
Though we haven’t seen the movie ourselves (and are not likely to do so), we urge you to take special consideration before seeing this movie with a young person coping with food allergies.

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Dave Bloom
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