Six Year-Old Saves Mom Suffering Anaphylaxis


Kirsty Heywood – who is allergic to tree nuts, eggs, seafood and certain fruit – was in the throes of a severe anaphylactic reaction last week after eating ice cream. She quickly administered epinephrine using her auto-injector and dialed the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service. Knowing she might lose consciousness, she handed the phone to her six year-old son, Oliver.

Oliver directed the paramedics to their address and relayed messages to his mom.

“He was so brave and calm. My throat had swollen up — I told him I might not be able to talk, and he would have to talk for me,” said Ms Heywood. “When the paramedics arrived they told Oliver he deserved a medal.”

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Following the incident, Ms Heywood spent the night at St Mary’s Hospital, Newport, and was released to recuperate at home.

I’ve always had allergies, as well as asthma and eczema, so I know how to keep it under control. I’ve only had a few severe reactions, mostly when I was younger. It has worried Oliver though. He hasn’t wanted to leave my side since it happened. Bless him, he has been so brave. He really is amazing.

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Dave Bloom
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