Create a Custom Allergy-Friendly Foods Guide for Your Event, Classroom or Family Shopping List


Since 2011, the Safe Snack Guide — which really is a Safe Foods Guide — has served as the standard allergy-friendly foods list for thousands of schools and tens of thousands of families nationwide. Today we publish four standard editions: Peanut/Tree Nut Free, Milk (Dairy) Free, Sesame Free, and Gluten Free.

But did you know that you can create your own Custom Safe Snack Guide tailored to provide product suggestions that exclude any combination of 11 allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, soy, wheat, fish, crustacean shellfish, sesame, mustard, and gluten?

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Simply register for a free account on the Custom Safe Snack Guide page, select which allergens you wish to exclude, and click the food categories to list. In addition to your Custom Guide, we’ll provide you with your own event page to share with others featuring your party, playdate, classroom, youth sports team, family shopping list… any occasion for which you might need an allergy-friendly foods list (not just snacks!)

Each custom Guide is interactive, so you can click any product listing to see precisely how that product is manufactured with respect to the 11 allergens we track including shared line/facility information you won’t find on the label or anywhere else. We are able to provide this information because we work directly with each manufacturer and never rely on the label.

Click here to visit the Custom Safe Snack Guide page and get started!

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of

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