Save 25% – and the Planet! – When Sending Kids Back to School (Sponsored)


Parenting can be hard. Parenting with food allergies is harder. How about we throw a global pandemic on top of that? Not enough for you? What about the environment and sustainability? 

Successfully getting your kids back to learning during this pandemic can be stressful and feel like it has tradeoffs. Tradeoffs that you are willing to make to keep your loved ones safe, but still compromise. The Amazing Chickpea wants to make your days a little bit better with 25% off your entire order. Not only will you save big when trying our delicious products free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, soy, sesame, and other top allergens. You also will feel a little better about the healthy food you are feeding your family and how you are helping save the planet. (We call this Super-Adulting*. It’s a thing.)

Did you know that our chickpeas…

  • Use just 10% of the water required for other typical protein sources
  • Enrich the soil, leaving behind more nitrogen and microbes in the soil than when they were planted
  • Are a low glycemic food, helping to better regulate sugar and make you feel fuller, for longer
  • Protein-rich, naturally containing 8 of the 9 essential amino acids
  • Add much-needed crop diversity to North American farming landscape

Order here now: – for your 25% savings

*Super-Adulting (v): Keeping your kids safe, happy, healthy, and saving the world in your free time. Cape is encouraged, but not necessary.

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The Amazing Chickpea
The Amazing Chickpea
Company founder, Sunil Kumar's oldest daughter, Enya, loves peanut butters but she could not offer PBJ sandwich to her friends due to nut allergies, a snack she loves so dearly because of its rich sweet and salty taste. Having realized the limited options for people who are allergic to nuts, Sunil decided to look for an alternative ways of making protein rich Peanut butter tasting spread without nuts and without compromising the texture and flavor. Having grown up with chickpeas as a staple in his childhood home and knowing the benefits of the protein-rich, nutty flavor of roasted chickpeas, he imagined that using chickpeas could make a nut-free peanut butter. After over a year and a half, Sunil created The Amazing Chickpea spread, the delicious and nutritious spread that tastes like peanut butter without any nuts! Sunil started selling The Amazing Chickpea butter spread to local twin cities farmers’ market, finding customers surprised at how similar The Amazing Chickpea tastes like peanut butter. Now after two and half years, The Amazing Chickpeas is sold in retail stores, not only in the USA but Canada as well. Later on, he created a chocolate flavor of The Amazing Chickpea, that tastes like popular hazelnut spread brands but contains less sugar and fat, and it contains no nuts!

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