Abe’s BEAR-y Exciting Partnership with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance


WEST NYACK, NY–Abe’s Vegan Muffins, the brand behind the best-selling allergy-friendly and vegan bakery items in the USA, is excited to announce its partnership with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA).

The importance of caring for family and loved ones is deeply engrained in the Abe’s story. In fact, Joseph (Abe’s Dad) and Marty (Abe’s Favorite Uncle) created their “School-Friendly,” line for the real Abe who was born severely allergic to nuts, sesame, dairy, eggs, soy, and pea protein. As one can imagine, growing up with allergies is rough– Abe, like so many other kids, was regularly isolated from friends and classmates during snack and lunchtime to protect him from potential harm.

So, in a fit of inspiration, Joseph and Marty set out to create a treat not only Abe could eat, but one his friends and family would love as well! Since launching in 2015, the Abe’s founders have been on a mission to nurture and empower kids through safe, inclusive treats.

As parents, Joseph and Marty strongly believe they must lead by example. Joseph is particularly excited about this upcoming partnership because San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s (SDZWA) mission to create a world where all life thrives is in full alignment with Abe’s pledge to be a “School-Friendly” & “Earth-Friendly” brand.

Similar to the Abe’s story, SDZWA’s conservation efforts start with gaining a deep understanding of all living things’ unique needs. Joseph notes, “Once we understand what those needs are, we can work to find ways to help one another and the greater natural world. Here at Abe’s, our needs start with trust, transparency, and delicious, inclusive treats!”

As leaders in wildlife conservation, SDZWA is committed to saving species worldwide by uniting its expertise in animal care and conservation science with its dedication to inspiring passion for nature. To help move this mission forward, the organization is working to cultivate some of its most important allies—the next generation. Opening in February 2022 at the San Diego Zoo, the Denny Sanford Wildlife Explorers Basecamp is a new 3.2-acre destination that blends innovation and immersive technology with opportunities to check out extraordinary species — ranging from leafcutter ants and orb weaver spiders to prairie dogs and sloths — all designed to introduce the next generation to the natural world with an eye toward the future.

Shawn Dixon, chief operating officer of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, points to the significance behind the exhibit’s name, “We are calling it a Basecamp because it’s designed to serve as a launchpad for budding conservationists of all ages to be inspired to care for and protect the future of our planet.” The common element underscoring the play and learning opportunities at Basecamp is nurturing the future caretakers of the planet. The experience uses special sensory elements to create a multifaceted engagement approach, with microscopes and touch screens, plus animation and dynamic lighting installations.

To help spread the word about the not-for-profit’s mission and the pending opening of Wildlife Explorers Basecamp, Abe’s will temporarily change the name of its wild blueberry muffins (12-Pack & One BIG Muffin) to “Wild Blue-BEAR-ry.” The package will also feature a fun fact for little ones to learn about the American black bear’s unique diet and seemingly bottomless appetite for berries!

The partnership was brokered by Melissa Croll, VP of Partnerships at Allied Global Marketing, a full-service integrated marketing agency working with the world’s largest entertainment, consumer, and lifestyle brands.

Find Abe’s special SDZWA themed Wild Blue-BEAR-ry muffins pack at retailers including Whole Foods, HEB, Ralph’s, Safeway, The Fresh Market, and Natural Grocers.

Note of Disclosure: Abe’s Vegan Muffins is a Manufacturer Partner and Advertiser with SnackSafely.com.

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