Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.
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Stock Epinephrine Laws: Saving Lives in Ohio, Expanding Access in Maine

Good news regarding stock epinephrine laws which are already saving lives.

Update to Safe Snack Guide and Allergence: June 23, 2015

We've added new categories and new products including health foods, supplements and granolas.

Editorial: Food Allergy Shoppers, Speak Up!

Becca Williams spells out what you can do as a consumer to encourage more stores to carry a greater variety of Free From products.

2015 FARE Walk for Food Allergy Schedule

The FARE Walk for Food Allergy is a series of family-friendly events that take place in communities nationwide to help fund food allergy education, advocacy, awareness and research.

Advisory: Allerject Auto-Injector Recall

Two lots of Allerject auto-injectors sold in Canada have been recalled due to a manufacturing detect.

Update to Safe Snack Guide and Allergence: June 11, 2015

Enjoy Life's new baking mixes have finally hit store shelves and are now listed in the Guide and Allergence.

A Day in the Life: Lobbying for Sesame Labeling

Homa's article provides a wonderful day-in-the-life recount of an advocate fighting the good fight for changes to benefit the allergic community.

Editorial: We Disagree with the Petition to Make Epinephrine an OTC Drug

Dillon Mueller's story is a horrific tragedy, but we believe the effort to prevent others from suffering the same fate is misguided.

10 Years and Counting: Lynda Mitchell and KFA

Our congratulations to Lynda Mitchell, founder of Kids with Food Allergies (KFA), for 10 wonderful years of service to the food allergy community!

Update to Safe Snack Guide: June 4, 2015

We have removed a number of products based on an official response from Pepperidge Farm.