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Download the latest Safe Snack Guide!

Update to Safe Snack Guide and Allergence to Help with Thanksgiving!

With over 2500 allergy-friendly products from 130+ manufacturers!
Samuel Magaseyev

Update on Quarantined Student with Food Allergies at UB partners respond to call for help.

FARE Launches SEED to Study and Promote Early Introduction of Allergenic Foods to Prevent...

Study will investigate whether feeding multiple allergenic foods to infants can reduce their risk for developing food allergies.
Halloween 2020 Edition of the Safe Snack Guide!

The Safe Snack Guide Halloween 2020 Edition is Here to Make the Holiday a...

Includes a section devoted to Halloween-themed and bulk-packaged candies and chocolates just in time for trick-or-treating and allergy-friendly celebrations at home and school.

No Holiday Peeps for Our Peeps Due to Pandemic

The holiday marshmallow treat we've all grown up with will not be making its annual appearance on store shelves.
Safe Snack Guide and Allergence Update!

New Partners! New Products! Download the Latest Safe Snack Guide and Visit Allergence!

Many new allergy-friendly products featured in our Safe Snack Guide and Allergence product screening service! — Food allergy news and resources

Going beyond the label to bring you the latest in food allergy news, research and products.

Update! New Products! Download the Latest Safe Snack Guide and Visit Allergence

Tons of new products including those from three new members of the Manufacturer Partnership.
End Allergies Together

End Allergies Together, Responsible for Funding Important Research, is Winding Down Operations

"We are grateful to all of those who have supported us and helped E.A.T make such a significant impact on the food allergy industry."
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New Research Shows 1-in-4 American Consumers Do Not Purchase Products Containing the Top 9...

"Our research confirms the food allergy community is vast – extending beyond an individual to entire households, and they face unique and costly challenges as they take steps to protect the health and safety of their families."