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The FDA’s Recent Guidance Has Made Ingredient Labeling Less Reliable. Here’s How Can...

Our agreements with 130 food manufacturers ensures you have the latest information.
New Products Update!

Announcing the Addition of Many New Allergy-Friendly Products!

Tons of new products added to the Safe Snack Guide and Allergence from six new members of our Manufacturer Partnership!

FARE Kicks Off Food Allergy Awareness Week 2020 with Activities and Webinars

Announces new content and programming dedicated to raising awareness of food allergy, Extends calendar of events before and beyond May 10-16, 2020
Update to Safe Snack Guide and Allergence

Many New Allergy-Friendly Products! Download the Latest Safe Snack Guide (or Create Your Own...

We've added many new products and welcome two new companies to our Manufacturer Partnership.
Aren't they adorable?

The Easter 2020 Edition of the Safe Snack Guide has Arrived with Many Options...

With an entire section devoted to Easter-themed treats, all of which are peanut and tree nut-free, many of which are free of the Top 8 allergens.
#SnackSafelyAtHome Launches #SnackSafelyAtHome Campaign to Help Consumers Find Allergy-Friendly Food Products Online

The program will be updated frequently as offerings are rolled out, new manufacturers join, and new, fully-vetted products are added to the platform.
Update to Safe Snack Guide and Allergence!

Update to Safe Snack Guide and Allergence

Download the latest Safe Snack Guide featuring thousands of allergy-friendly products from 120+ responsible manufacturers!
Valentine's Edition of the Safe Snack Guide

Sweets for Your Sweetie: The 2020 Valentine’s Edition of the Safe Snack Guide!

Your guide to thousands of products, all free of peanuts and tree nuts and many free of the Top 8!
Suzy Q's

Why Hostess Will Begin Adding Peanut Flour to Suzy Q’s

Hostess isn't saying, but we can guess from past experience what their motivation is.