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Mosquito Swarm

Welts or Fever from Mosquito Bites? Read our “Skeeter Syndrome” Q&A

All about the allergy to mosquito bites.
Calquence (Acalabrutinib)

New Cancer Drug Shows Promise for Treating Food Allergies

"Could dramatically change the way we treat food and drug allergies."
Coroner's Court

What We Learned from the Giulia De Simone Inquest: “When She...

She had a known allergy to peanuts and was coping with asthma and celiac disease as well.
Riley Keough and Andrew Garfield

Set Shut Down After Riley Keough Ate Granola Bar Due to...

"A kiss is just a kiss", until allergens are involved.
Leah Williams

Woman Bought Every Bag of Peanuts on Her Flight When Crew...

Airline left her with no other choice.

Older Individuals Suffer More Severe Anaphylaxis with Medications a Frequent Trigger

The trigger for anaphylaxis was found to change significantly with age.
Charish Nelson and Emily Eddy

Superhero Pharmacist Saves Woman’s Life with Second Epinephrine Jab

"... she went beyond her job and most people don’t do that for anybody.”
Darby Elo

Thanks to Teen’s Efforts, State Law Now Requires Students to Learn...

Social studies project evolves into important legislation.