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Studying OIT for Babies

Study Explores Oral Immunotherapy to Treat Babies with Peanut Allergies

“These children don’t have to worry about accidental exposures anymore."
Mosquito Swarm

Welts or Fever from Mosquito Bites? Read our “Skeeter Syndrome” Q&A

All about the allergy to mosquito bites.
Charish Nelson and Emily Eddy

Superhero Pharmacist Saves Woman’s Life with Second Epinephrine Jab

"... she went beyond her job and most people don’t do that for anybody.”
Ashley Spencer

Woman Saved Mid-Flight After Administration of Four EpiPens

Quick thinking by the doctors onboard likely saved Spencer's life. (With Video)

SnackSafely.com and Safe Snack Guide Endorsed by Cleveland Clinic

SnackSafely.com and the Safe Snack Guide were recommended as resources by the Cleveland Clinic on their "Health Hub" site.